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A term most Vital members have probably searched for at least once.

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I don't know what type of research you can do on this, but I heard in the last couple years of people sitting in line to get in for hours. This July is going to be a mad scramble with everybody traveling post-COVID. Not to be negative, but you might ... more »

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I was never really interested in having a family, since it just seemed like so much commitment and work. Then at 46 I got a woman 11 years younger than me pregnant, married her (since divorced), and my daughter is almost 7. Parenting has been some of ... more »

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Try a faster shutter speed- that should help with the out of focus. Also- get a lens cover (clear thing that covers end of lens)- otherwise you stand a good chance of a rock hitting it and chipping it, which will ruin your camera.

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I argued freight and set-up with customers so many times that hearing the words makes me tense up. Our dealership inflated the freight price a little bit. Most salesmen I worked with didn't even want to deal with dirt bike customers, especially racers ... more »

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Quotes from my late Dad, who I loved: "I hate motorcycles." "Haven't you grown out of that yet?"

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I once overheard "If you don't do that jump, we're going home."

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I give moto as we know it 20 years in California, sad to say. It's only a matter of time before sales of new internal combustion vehicles are illegal in this state- 2030-2035 is the time frame I predict, unless something radical happens.

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What happens when all the rent moratoriums come off and millions of people become homeless? I suppose they aren't the ones buying bikes anyhow.

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I like the guy at bottom left who hardly notices. Carrying trays is harder than you think. I was hungover at my restaurant job one day and started to lose a big tray of brunch dishes walking through the bar. I swear the tray was vertical as I stumbled ... more »

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What do you all think of this thing? It can supposedly power your home if there is an outage. Price around $50k. Looks like it might be a game-changer. 300 miles of range and 10k lb. towing capacity.

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I got out of my truck after just puffing a spliff and saw those fucking lights and about lost it. I had no idea what it was. Looked like a procession of space craft all the way across the sky. Went in and googled it and figured it out. Sure was spooky ... more »

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Why y'all so hung up on another dude's hair and clothing? You want everybody with a buzz cut, a backwards hat and a Monster Energy team shirt? I don't get it.

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I think those plates represent that Ryno's techniques and ideas work. That's pretty much peak performance for an athlete of his age and experience. Ryno hadn't raced in something like 9 years and comes out and dominates. He trains world-championship ... more »

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... more »
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Damn. You just don't expect this to happen at this point in a rider's career and life. RIP Scott Sheak.

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Remember when Oakley's Jim Jannard, an icon in the MX industry, allegedly told Lance Armstrong's friend and Oakley employee Stephanie McIlvain that there were ways to get around PED testing? Jannard also had close relationships with some of the iconic ... more »

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The day I heard about this, I was visiting LA and went by Pro Circuit to check it out. I took a pic of his bike in the lobby, drove to the airport, opened my phone and saw he had died. I remember watching him on that RM125 in Supercross- so smooth. RIP. ... more »

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Man- I had a large trove of old races on a spare hard drive that I got through bit torrent back in the day. Once everything was on Youtube, I deleted them!

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I'm standing there at Steel City during that moto- my buddy and I drove up from Virginia. He turns to me as Langston has the lead- "I guess Langston has it, unless his bike breaks." Me, slowly taking a sip from my beer: "Stranger things have happened."

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