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I'm going with my daughter, who is 7. This is her third one- she loves it. I got fan fest tickets and the only requirement I have seen so far is a COVID waiver. The first time she ever rode a Stacyc was two years ago at Oakland- she crashed a couple ... more »

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Scary crash! Man was that ugly.

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It's just humor. Some people need to lighten up.

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Man, I remember the days when I lived back east trying to stay awake for races that began at 10 pm. Now I can watch at 7 pm- I moved across the country just so I could do it.

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Jon Beasley won't let 250s run in the 450 class at Budds amateur races. I guess the 250 can be an advantage in all those tight off cambers.

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I never watch TV news since it's so effing bad, but I did watch some in a hotel recently and it was pharma ad after pharma ad. This is all about the money and expansion of government power, and very little to do with public health.

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Without a doubt, the sound of the pack roaring into the first turn. It's going to have all the acoustic impact of hearing a bunch of vacuum cleaners.

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So 10 OEMs and the majority of them European, right? On big four-stroke singles. It's like the 60s all over again! (And Euro riders are even back to spanking the Americans in outdoor racing).

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You're 15 pounds overweight but you spent $5K on trick parts to cut weight on your bike by .5 pounds.

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Has anybody heard about Oakland, given it's proximity to the Bio-Surveillance Nightmare we know as San Francisco?

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I remember him saying one time on the show he made about $60k/year from Pulp- that was years ago. Glad to see it- make a great product with high demand, work your ass off, enjoy the rewards. That's called "self-made." The guy used to sleep in a warehouse ... more »

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Personality is part of being a legend- you don't hear that term applied very often to Ryan Dungey, for instance, as phenomenal as a racer as he was (Or George Holland or Micky Dymond or any other number of guys who have won championships). 'Course Mike ... more »

Added a comment about video Onboard: James Stewart's Charge to 1st Place - 2014 Toronto Supercross 12/22/2021 12:34 PM

One of the most epic rides of all time. When you blow by the stars of the sport like that, you're a badass!

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Suggestion: don't watch it.

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I was glad to hear he still loves the sport and the people in it. I was sort of figuring he had a bad taste in his mouth about the industry given some of the things that happened during his career, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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Fuck that. The world's governments have gone insane, especially the European ninny squad "leaders."

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I'd be more psyched about lining up with Jeff Emig, Ryan Hughes and Mike Brown than I would care about my finish. That would be a bucket list item.

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I remember one episode where there was a moto guy sitting talking to them and he was portrayed as a total tool. He was obsessed with moto and said something about it's becoming a more mainstream sport due to people like Ricky Carmichael. I thought it ... more »

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I had a book about Evel Knieval when I was a kid and worshiped the guy. My older brother had bikes, I think he started on a DT, then moved up to KZ1000s. I thought he was the coolest when he would roll in on that thing. Then one day I heard an amazing ... more »

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I don't know what it is, but if you've seen one 450 four-stroke, you've seen them all, aside from a few cosmetic differences. I miss the days when you could tell one model year from the next. Like in the early 80s- there was no mistaking a 1981 YZ for ... more »