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Reply to Villo 85cc real? 8/16/2020 4:04 AM

I didn’t know 15” rear wheels were ever a thing.

Reply to Why did Muddy Creek or High Point Not Replace Washougal? 8/15/2020 8:52 AM

I’m amazed some people actually think that a facility could get prepared for an outdoor National with one weeks notice.

Reply to Oakley Over The Top Sunglasses 8/7/2020 12:26 PM

I’m pretty sure I’d rather stare directly at the sun with no sunglasses than be seen wearing over the tops.

Reply to 1998YZ 250 fouling plugs 8/1/2020 7:25 PM

Replace the clutch side crank seal. Might as well replace both, while you’re at it.

Reply to First race you ever attended or raced 7/31/2020 1:03 PM

1993 National Hare Scramble Series opener just south of San Antonio... I was 11 years old. Scott Summers smoked everyone on an XR600, and I still want one of those things just because of him.

Reply to Ricky on a Triumph?? 7/31/2020 8:55 AM

I noticed a few months ago that he’d stopped mentioning Suzuki in his social media posts. Probably a victim of all the cutbacks that occurred when this pandemic hit the US.

Reply to Video of Huffman/Tritler Incident at 1994 Vegas SX Finals? 7/26/2020 10:41 AM

Ever since the internet and MX forums first began, people have been talking about “finding” the footage of this event, and it’s never surfaced. The riders involved have have gone on record more than once, stating to have never even seen footage of it. ... more »

Reply to Pro Motocross Confirms Nine Round Schedule for 2020 Season 7/16/2020 2:51 PM

I think Lot B might be able to defeat Coronavirus.

Reply to 1991 Yamaha WR500 Bradshaw Build 7/13/2020 3:43 PM

Awesome video... that thing sounds great! Just rebuilt mine (Wiseco piston was all that seems to be available). Everything is within spec, freshly honed, but still makes a lot of slap noise. I’ve had some people tell me that’s normal for these? I wish ... more »

Reply to Honda Cr 400 7/8/2020 7:15 PM

I’d rather read an article about Keefer testing this thing, than the Star bike.

Reply to this guy makes a 4 stroke into a 2 stroke 7/7/2020 10:36 AM

Thanks for the heads up on that... I saw the original video where he made the V-Twin, but hadn’t seen the transmission video yet. This guy has some really impressive skills, especially considering some of the tools and parts he’s working with. Really ... more »

Reply to PC or GYTR kit for my YZ 125 6/30/2020 7:05 PM

Does anyone have any experience with the VHM long rod kit for the YZ125?

Reply to PC or GYTR kit for my YZ 125 6/30/2020 7:04 PM

What did the STIC and Keihin do for the YZ125? Did it lose any of the bottom to mid?

Reply to Leaving Mote due to injury, alternatives? 6/26/2020 11:18 AM

Trials. Way lower impact. In fact, I have a friend who had to stop riding MX because of back issues, and has successfully transitioned into trials to fill the void. If you go to a trial, more than likely you’ll meet other people who also got tired of ... more »

Reply to The Baylor Brothers Join Sherco for 2020 6/17/2020 4:47 PM

I know a dude who had some really serious issues with a Sherco 300 4T, but to Sherco USA’s credit, they got everything corrected for him in 3 business days. That’s pretty incredible.

Reply to Hover bike - Dubai police 6/14/2020 8:17 AM

That little fist pump he did reminded me of Langston at Houston in ‘01.

Reply to Buell MX450f revealed.......a little 6/10/2020 6:34 AM,20/Buell-Motocross-bike-on-display-at-Barber-motorcycle-mueseum,1372494

Reply to Bring Freestone back this year? 6/3/2020 5:49 AM

Ive been wondering if they’d consider Underground and run it the week before or after the ATV National.

Reply to WTB NOS Dunlop 739 21” and 756 19” 5/28/2020 6:08 AM

What size rear? I’ve got one, maybe two, brand new 100/90-19 756 rears.

Reply to Moto Fite Klub 2 suggestions... 5/22/2020 7:48 PM