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“That new TLD gear is tight.”

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Matthes should call McCarty up this week and ask him how he feels about it.

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With which head insert? I’ve been a YZ250 fan for a long time, just can’t ever find a two stroke that makes me as happy. I thought the Apex head was just some internet hype, but after buying one, I consider it a must have. All three domes have completely ... more »

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The location was described on FB as being on Lake Michigan in a business park, 20 miles south of Wisconsin. Looking forward to making the trip up there once it’s up and running.

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731Chopper is correct. Not sure about all the brands, but a domestic, Japanese market Arai offroad helmet fits differently from an Arai you’d buy in the US or Europe.

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Webike is my go to when ordering stuff from Asia. Usually takes 3 or 4 business days for shipments to make it to my doorstep in TX. Highly recommend them.

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Did you check the impeller shaft for wear? Is the water pump bearing still in good shape?

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BBR Motorsports offers rims for that bike.

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In about 1998 there was a guy racing the day time qualifiers at the Dallas SX (maybe Houston... but pretty sure it was Dallas) on a MC250. I’m sure it wasn’t homologated, so not sure how he pulled it off. But it happened.

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Hands down, that guy makes the best retro replica helmet wraps and graphics kits. One of my favorite IG accounts.

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Kinda. It has 1st and 2nd out of a YZ250, a lower 3rd, taller 4th and taller 5th. 3-5 in the X model come directly from the WR400/426. The super tall 1st gear is the biggest handicap for the YZ250/YZ250X for hard enduro, technical riding.

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Probably a complete WR400/426 transmission (5 speed), if I had to guess. I’m in the process of doing the same to one of my bikes.

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Mako 360 is the best solution I’ve tried, by far.

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Someone was offering something like this for the YZ400 or YZ426 back in the day. Can’t remember who, or what displacement it was... but I definitely remember one of the magazines testing it.

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Assuming you still have the throttle stop screw installed, pull it out, go ride it wide open. Those bikes run super rich, and load up a bit when a kid rides them... and you can not get a stock PW50 to properly clean out with that screw still in the throttle ... more »

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The ‘98 KX125 pipe is unique to that year model alone. I wouldn’t expect them to ramp up a production run of them anytime soon.

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Arenacross definitely had nets years ago. Maybe Mike Kidd needs to call into the Pulp Show and set the record straight.

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I loved how he tried to play himself off as a long time fan of the sport, but also stated that he doesn’t know who DV is.

Started new thread KYB .11/.12 shims 3/2/2021 3:54 PM

Has anyone purchased .11/.12 KYB shims anywhere? If so, where’d you get them? Wanting to replicate the YZ250X midvalve for a comparison. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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Doesn’t seem like as big of a deal as publishing photos of MC wearing a different brand of gear, before his previous contract had run out.