Added reply in a thread Craigslist Gem of the day 2/27/2011 6:08 PM

Oh crap, I'd give just about anything to see that part of the video again. It's been way too long. "IT'S MY BIKE!!!"

Added reply in a thread YZ250 2-stroke! 2/17/2011 11:02 AM

Not photoshopped. These guys sell a kit to run the new generation 250F bodywork on the two strokes:

Added reply in a thread YOT Ceases Operations 2/1/2011 12:25 PM

Exactly. I'm all for supporting local business, but when the dealerships stock hardly anything, and have a parts department full of complete numbskulls that have no knowledge about anything whatsoever, it leaves me no choice but to order parts and accessories ... more »

Added reply in a thread No 2 stroke for SX. 2/1/2011 9:00 AM

I can't help but wonder what would happen if a modern two-stroke was built, using this technology: There was an article with Eyvind Boyesen years back in some magazine (or perhaps online) where he mentioned this fully functional two-stroke exhaust ... more »

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Did anyone else notice at the end of the 2nd video when everyone is around his pit area, one of the kids (maybe 2) has a big wheel 65sx. I've never seen larger wheels on a 65 before.

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Not only is the chassis vastly superior on the 06+ models, the motor on the 05+ yz125 is completely different from the ground up, and worlds better than the older ones. However, the '01 was motor was much better than 02-04, which had the 5-speed tranny. ... more »

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this has always been one of my favorites:

Added reply in a thread how good was james marshall 11/23/2010 3:19 PM

Just about anyone who rides will say that they are as big of a motocross fan as one can be, but James is absolutely moto to the core. Out of everyone I ever knew back in my racing days, he was the only one who truly lived, ate, and breathed racing motocross. ... more »

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AMA Pro Racing had a 125cc limit. The 134cc was legal for amateur racing ONLY in the mod classes.

Added reply in a thread "vintage" alpinestars MX boots 10/30/2010 6:51 PM

If I'm not mistaken, the color scheme name of the old Alpinestars with the geometric shapes on it was called the "wild". If I wore a size 8, I'd be all over those tech 7s!

Added reply in a thread 2008 YZ250 not shifting 10/21/2010 9:50 PM

Pardon my ignorance, but for the life of me I can't figure out what pin you speak of. I recently purchased an '08 with low hours, and it started having shifting issues the third time I rode it. Split the cases, found a broken 4th gear and gouged out ... more »

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Awesome! I'd love to see a thread devoted to the restoration, as well.... Shit, I'd like to see such threads on every one of the sweet bikes you acquire.

Added reply in a thread Which gen YZ should I use? 10/7/2010 8:49 PM

Klatt's bike is awesome! Are there any better pictures available of it?! Also, the 125 posted above is bad ass, too. I'd love to do something cool like a mid 90s theme with one of my Yamahas.

Added reply in a thread decided to shop craigslist for a nice 2-stroke 250... 10/6/2010 11:52 AM

I just picked up a clean, low hour '08 yz250 for $2700. It's a great stablemate for my '06 yz125, which I bought with less than 10 hours for $2100 less than a year ago.

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am i too much of a noob to laugh at this? screw it... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Added reply in a thread real or forgery? 9/7/2010 1:00 PM

Oh ok, you must've bought that cr125 was for sale in Texas, that the owner claimed was one of Lamson's old bikes. Maybe I'm wrong though... I think it was even posted on Vital at one point or another. There were a lot of inconsistencies with that thing ... more »

Added reply in a thread real or forgery? 9/7/2010 12:24 PM

Yeah, I'm with newmann... more details, please? For the record, there is a guy named Donnie Elmer (not Emler) who does motor/suspension work in Texas. Confusing, I know...

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Awesome bike... who made the graphics? I'd love to see more pictures of this thing.

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It's great to see what has become of Rio in recent years. If only the same thing could've happened to Whitney... Racer92, long time no see. Hope all is well!

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Judging by the pictures posted above, 338 is a common denominator.