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Tractability. It’s much easier to teach people on a TTR because they are much more predictable and easy to ride. And truth be told, on the dirt they have and the layouts used, most people would be faster on a TTR anyway. Hayes is a great kid who seems ... more »

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Keep an eye on some of the minibike groups on Facebook. There was one on there a few months back. Super hard to find; they only made about 12 frames total for the XR100 motor.

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Have any of you stepped back to consider that this whole, long, drawn out, overhyped scenario could possibly be an orchestrated act to get people on forums and social media to talk about the show? Publicity stunt. The reaction to this is MUCH bigger ... more »

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As someone who wore HRP chest protectors for many years, I really miss the shoulder protection those things offered.

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What’s a set of gold valves cost these days? Last time I checked, it seems like it wasn’t far off from the price of a revalve. I do agree that people should learn to work on, and tune, their own suspension.

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If you’re choosing one shop, hands down, SLM/KTM of North Texas. It’s in Arlington. Great shop with great service. Best KTM shop in the metroplex, IMO. Also carrying Sherco now.

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Building the brand, bro!

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Some people are using the FMF YZ490 pipe, but they have to cut the back inch or two off for the silencer to mate up properly. I read somewhere that a PC YZ490 pipe didn’t work as well. No idea if that is accurate, however. I’d love to have a PC Works ... more »

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Shue, any chance you have the jetting you used for the stock carb written down?

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Are there still time keeper events happening somewhere? I’ve got an ICO, but I’d have to dig around for it.

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Matthes is brilliant in the way he fabricates these scenarios, and gets so many of his listeners all fired up about them. Same with how he stokes the fire on a weekly basis by critiquing Darkside’s performance on the wrap up show.

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That Bowers intro video has more of a 80s hair metal vibe than a 90s vibe.

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Use ethanol-free fuel, and you’ll be fine.

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Factory One is the US team that’s based out of Texas... pretty sure Coleman is riding for the Australian importer.

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Someone go up there and find me a WR500 pipe!!!

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Scotty Hanes @ Performance Factory

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Pro Circuit claims they will be doing a production run of Works pipes for these bikes soon. They were supposed to be out by now. If you’re interested in one, best thing to do is call PC and give them your information. That way yours is spoken for, as ... more »

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I think manufacturers needs make dirt bikes more profitable for dealerships, and encourage said dealerships to cater more towards the dirt bike market.

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I don’t remember seeing people on the internet talk about aluminum YZ250 frames being harsh until Chad Reed mentioned it in an interview.

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A couple years ago. I bought several sets of NXT gear from them when they ended up with everything that was in the Tucker Rocky warehouses, because the price was so CHEEEEEEAP. Couldn’t pass it up. I’ve worn MSR gear since 1995, and the fit of this last ... more »