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Based on what I know, this type of manufacturing is easy to get into once you have contacts overseas. So why not make a $10 pedal and sell for 10x. Here is what I run, thin and light. Go factory and get the magnesium! ... more »

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always wanted a YZ490

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Colorado has a stay at home in place.

His Cortez track looks pretty awesome.
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If it doesn't cost over $200 for the current year helmet, I would say this is a good benchmark. Then I would look at making sure it has the latest technology. I love my FOX v3 Solids. The visor magnet works great as advertised. The venting it the best ... more »

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Beat me too it. Instagram bike classified of the day!" LOL

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Wow you are all got dope bikes. I'm sliding all over the place. I just picked up the game. Guess will get all the mods at some point. Alot harder then I thought.

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Just like to come out and apologize for the big dump I took in JS7 luxury RV while he was qualifying in Phoenix 2011. You left the door open to your RV Bus and had to go really really bad. End of story.

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Adrenline and Freedom from the everyday grind! Way of Life!

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Well this is fun to poke fun at, but if you notice the tone is changing quickly. I have 1 friend and 2 acquaintances that have died from COVID now I learn in facebook this morning. This is not the flu it's becoming a deadly strain. Really is about keeping ... more »

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Love mine..

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Eli and I are out riding and starting to test for MXNationals Outdoors here in Cortez Colorado..

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Eli would be STOKED. Short season, long season, he would have earned it either way IMO! Time for outdoors!

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Not that it's a big benefit, but can still re-watch daytona

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So stupid but calorie deficiency and eating right foods to get the vitamins during deficiency to keep you fueled and energized was my trick to 60lbs in 3 months. I also believe fueling your body with small fueling 5 times a day keeps the fat burn going ... more »

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He just needs to add #sugarmomma to his instagram..

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Is masturbation 12 hours before racing good or bad?

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Webb Instagram, nothing broke! My "guess" is he will show up to ride, maybe even miss practice and just get as many points and consume a lot of Ibuprofin.

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I race MTB as well and most USACycling national races DO NOT allow the POV cameras.

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I remember racing with you. You left out this part of your story though.