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They are running the rear brake lever since you don't need a clutch.

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He's kind of like JD on the howard stern show. He's a bit quirky, but you love 'em. He's a true fan and participates a lot online and in pulpmxfantasy. He recently hacked the pipeline to protest gasoline dirt bikes and lawn mower racing.

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Desktop mode needs to be upgraded to a responsive format. Adjust width and uses full screen. Would reduce scrolling up and down. The left/right hand column space is old school. $20 to post or maybe just offer the premium features your adding and help ... more »

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Your welcome.. ( from the many of us that don't get the stimulus checks and pay into taxes more )

I know you spoke, I just had to poke. The wall tables are pretty slick.
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A lot of this is getting comfortable and confident at faster speeds. So as recommended above ride with faster riders and work on technique and fitness. Biggest difference as you move up will be riding full pace race speed for longer times. Keep in mind ... more »

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The pay-off is arrange with the finance company. You pay the KTM finance, they complete the transaction for you and get you the title. Then money goes to owners balance and he either will still owe KTM or amount will be paid off for him and give him ... more »

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After Marv interview.. Spoiler, T. Dodd won the raffle bike. Congrats to him.

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10-4. Let's move on.. some teams are just not going to be completely transparent, but they did provide a response which is more then most do. Outdoor's here we come!

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I was at the race.. JA21 and BamBam51 had good 3 laps of banging bars and switching positions. Then JA21 kind let BamBam by and just pulled off the track, rode the entire outside of the track to get back to the truck in the pits. That was it. All we ... more »

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Bummed, no McGrath stuff..

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Vital threads going stale.. time to go out and watch. cough I mean wash the bike and wave the red flag at my wife.

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Good for him. 5 gear pinned in between the sheets..! then blew a "head" gasket... blahaaaaaaaaaa

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Cool vid. I recognize a lot of the trails in your video. I have a skydio 2 follow me and going to do something similar this summer but from the air.

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Check out this cool mount position Jeff Walker did. Wonder what other spots work. I might try some other locations now.

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Very nice refreshing story between supercross. love it!

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When you pick Mumford on all the hype and killer qualifier times and you lose in your fantasy. You friends send you this Meme.

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Good timing appreciate the brand for the information and reply to this post. Very telling lab results. Probably been said before, but I would take collarbone OVER broken neck/back any day

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Seeking new data to sway my choice to ride with a neck brace. Was starting to shop for new neck brace.. then this popped up in my feed.. every occurrence they discuss, I heard or seen video of the crashes. Man I'm on the fence again. I popped my collar ... more »

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I think we need a broke back mountain obstacle. Every time around the track, they switch out the triple landing distance and slope size on the other side. JK..

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UPDATE: Maxima Prize Pack came in the mail today! Thanks PulpMX and Maxima! I truly am a supporter of Maxima products. Eating my words now about PulpMX prize team..