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All I know is that there is nothing more terrifying - that second that feels like an hour as the back tire goes past the point of no return while all you can think about is how bad it’s gonna hurt!

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Not to discredit anything here, but 3-5 horsepower seems like a monumental jump. What I do recall was Kawasaki wanting a redesign of the exhaust after Villopoto endo’d and dirt packed into the tip because of the cone shape PC had at the time. I’m sure ... more »

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Congrats Spode! She’s a beauty, certainly looks like she was worth the wait!

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Thank you for this - I’ve searched YouTube for a decade for this moto, and it’s like it doesn’t exist

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07 RMZ 450 - Honestly I enjoyed the bike, but the amount of money we dropped into that bike to keep it running was astonishing. We could not stop that bike from over heating…. My father in law stepped in when he thought I was doing something wrong on ... more »

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First and foremost - I am happy to hear you’re gonna be ok. I’lm a bit different than most on here, but I had a crash 5 years ago that should have either killed me or paralyzed me, but I walked away with only a broken collar bone. My brand new fox V4 ... more »

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For whatever it’s worth - Mitch and Kenny would be a pretty stellar combo. Mitch is getting up there in age, and has every title under the sun but a 450 title. Kenny, while being the enigma that he is, can still win at the drop of a dime. I’m not saying ... more »

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I genuinely like the app as a whole, and if SX went elsewhere, I would continue to stream. SX, the office, and Yellowstone all in one place? Sold

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Said it once before but I’ll mention it again - In 2010, we were up at mammoth and with a lap to go in the main was comfortably in 4th. Keep in mind that after a decade of traveling across the country racing, I had never cracked a top 20 in a main of ... more »

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I’ve never forgotten gear, but my most costly blunder was getting to the track on a Friday night for the entire weekend and having the uneasy feeling that I didn’t shut the garage… Tossed and turned in the trailer for a few hours before finally getting ... more »

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My dad owns a business and is generally an extremely fast paced and scatter brained man. He means well, and is an amazing dad/grandpa, but he’s not much for small talk. Never has been. But. Like clock work, every few months, he will send me a random ... more »

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O goodness - how can you be against more racing and more money into the sport? Serious question

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How on Gods green earth are we a week away and even you don’t know the answer to # 1

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Doesn’t matter who you are - everyone has had a day/weekend where you can not stay off the ground for the life of you… Just a shame Jo’s weekend was one of those, because that’s a hell of a stage to struggle on

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The salesman at the dealership I bought my daughters quad from last year pointed to a brand new 2500 Denali sitting in the parking lot. Said he paid for it in cash from his commission over the last 18 months. Guy was super cool and goes “we’re selling ... more »

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You only have buyers remorse because it was probably more than you should have spent But You already spent it - go and break it all in and you will feel 100% better. It’s okay to go beyond your means from time to time, the finer things ain’t just for ... more »

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I’ll defend Ralph all day - Does he say stupid shit from time to time? Sure - and he’s not alone. Look at James digging his feet into the “sexton looked over and crashed” even after the replay proved other wise. The dude has been announcing the sport ... more »

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I live and breathe moto. I have since I was 9 years old - the idea of watching the 450 championship in person only 90 minutes from my house is damn near a dream. But. The thought of taking my family of 4 to sit in 3+ hours of traffic to stand in 100+ ... more »

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There’s something to be said for restarting - After we quit trying to make it, pops got rid of the motorhome, trailer, and almost all the bikes. Went back to basics and just started racing local out of the back of the truck and the little box trailer. ... more »