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Reply to 2011 KTM 350 XCF value 11/21/2020 3:32 PM

For perspective, a 2011 350 is about on par in performance with a current gen 250f... Look for a 2013+ if you want 350f performance closer to what currently offered...

Reply to "Cooper Webb was told he could never ride a stock Yamaha" - Mike Sleeter 11/21/2020 3:26 PM

Likely it's never been the bike in the last few years. Barcia did as much on the Yamaha as he did on the Hondas and Suzuki. And he'll probably do the same on the GasGas too. He's talent, but not the likes of Webb, Roczen, Tomac, Anderson or Dungey/Poto ... more »

Reply to XCF 350 suspension to FX 350 ??? 11/11/2020 7:20 PM

Yes. The 21 has shorter suspension, so you have to adjust accordingly in the triple clamps, but it will be a direct swap...

Reply to Weight Savings 2020 YZ250F 11/6/2020 6:16 PM

MX-Tech Natty Shock will be good for a 1lb or so, another 2lbs with their Lucky Kit

Reply to MX Tech discount code 11/3/2020 11:15 AM

Locally in my area, yes... But we're on opposite sides of the country.. In the spring time hit me up and I'll send you my Natty Shock for a month to ride with.

Reply to MX Tech discount code 11/3/2020 7:45 AM

Where in Canada you live?

Reply to Eli Selling His GT3RS 11/3/2020 7:41 AM

Alot of these cars went up in value

Reply to 21’ 250sxf trouble shooting...? 10/31/2020 7:49 PM

Pull injector... With a 9v, take a couple wires and build a set of pigtails that you can attach to the injector. When touched, the injector will open, back flush with air and contact cleaner... Check all sensors and connections too.

Reply to Anyone tried PRP therapy for rotator cuff tear? 10/31/2020 7:44 PM

I've done BPC 157 with minor tears and strains. Worth every penny. No experience with PRP.

Reply to Axell Hodges racing Ironman GNCC 10/28/2020 6:07 PM

Kris Foster shows up occasionally to some of our local races. He's fast and under all the right conditions is a top 10 guy on the Pro line. Conditioning and poor mistakes like running out of fuel have kept him from getting any better in results. Likely ... more »

Reply to Building leg endurance 10/12/2020 12:13 PM

I don't endorse a high rep gym protocol. And I wouldn't because like you said, it's a waste of time. Nor do I prescribe a 4x a week gym routine either. I agree with your original statement, but instead of just 1 day a week I would do 2. For most, it's ... more »

Reply to Building leg endurance 10/12/2020 12:02 PM

Maybe at some higher elite level that would be true, but with a relatively new beginner, virtually any kind of strength training is going to be beneficial on the bike. Saying it's a waste of time, not even close to being accurate...

Reply to Building leg endurance 10/12/2020 11:51 AM

Front squats are awesome as they put more emphasis on your quads, back squats put more emphasis on your glutes. It is very difficult it gain both strength/size AND increase aerobic endurance... Aerobic endurance can be built fairly quickly (depending ... more »

Reply to Building leg endurance 10/12/2020 11:40 AM

Wut? Weights for sure will increase both muscle strength and muscular endurance... Aerobic endurance too, just to a lesser degree...

Reply to How many hours are on your bike? 10/5/2020 8:28 AM

Buddy on TT has a RMX450 with 1000hrs on it...

... more »
Reply to Petition to Get a Rider Banned 10/1/2020 12:59 PM

I got stuck on a hillclimb in a CC once... Single line all the way up... A guy came up on me and starts revving his bike telling me to move, I'm costing him the race blah blah blah... Eventually I turned around and told him to either shut his bike off ... more »

Reply to Anyone on Vital happen to be a civil engineer? 9/29/2020 3:08 PM

Possibly more qualified then a civil engineer...

Reply to Bone strength 9/29/2020 12:12 PM

Kids heal considerably faster then adults. That being said, you are DAD, and generally what you feel is best is going to be the best outcome. A doctor will offer you guidelines, not absolutes so do what you feel is responsible and right. Ultimately listening ... more »

Reply to Not gelling with a bike? 9/24/2020 9:18 AM

Took me nearly 60hrs to learn how to ride a 350 correctly... My recommendation is to work with a suspension guy (or someone knowledgeable) that can help you with setting up the chassis/suspension... I find setting the 350 up more like a 250f is more ... more »

Reply to How many hours are on your bike? 9/24/2020 7:46 AM

Lol, well good thing I'm not selling it to you... I am not a Vital MX regular, but I am a regular over a ThumperTalk. I have most everything documented there. In 2017 I bought the bike new, raced it to a couple Vet Championships in Canada and put 300hrs ... more »