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Here are some statistics from the Motorcycle Industry Council Off road sales are up

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Part of the problem the Japanese manufactures are dealing with is a strong Yen. This makes exporting products very expensive. I would bet that Honda and Kawasaki are breaking even on the mx bikes they export here. When the world economy slowed in 2009, ... more »

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How about Todd Waters from the land down under.

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Their automobile division here in America was a huge burden. The bankruptcy gave them the ability to divest the cars away. It will take some time but Suzuki be back.

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Ditto on the bikes people want. I have owned 200's 150's and a 350 is in the stable now. E start on almost all the bikes. The non pro riders are not restricted by cc size. The 150 is about as much fun as you can have and it being legal. Looking forward ... more »

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Can't wait for A1!

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If you drop the push cable for the throttle that saves another .45 pounds. I think the lawyers required these push cables. Never have had a problem on a 4 stroke without this cable since 1997. Nice looking Yamaha you have.

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whole lota orange, need a KTM banner up there nice garage

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Suggest the KTM hard parts fuel tank inlet fuel sock. This is a .2 microns filter. 2nd, remove that micro size inline .1 micron fuel filter and replace with a Golan .1 micron

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Great close racing, prefer to sx any day. These riders got a lot of talent and guts. The way Taddy kept the bike on the rear wheel through the Matrix was amazing. Good ride for Cody after his injury. Nice to see him on the 2 stroke 300 Beta.

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Would like to see him race a 125 for the last 3 rounds.

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I have installed several sets of Pro Factory radiator hose kits and they work well.
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Well done Davey and mx sports! The sport can only grow and thrive when it's run in a professional manner, at which point people will take it seriously. The Alessi clan have placed themselves in so many compromising positions and only have themselves to blame. They need to own up...more

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totally agree with keyboardjockey. Only 3 manufactures quit bringing 2 strokes in the country. The red one is on the AMA board so they have a lot of pull. Time to dump the AMA. They are like the UN.

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Would be great if 84 rode a 125 the last 2 or 3 rounds. That would make the race for the lead a bit more exciting. I believe Roczen rode a 125 his last race of 2011.

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Great riding by team Husaberg. Too bad Husaberg will become Husky. Yes the older riders relate to Husqvarna's as a good name but the newer riders maybe not so. Nice to see something other than orange on the podium. What will Lettenbichler ride next year? ... more »

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Time for silly season. What color bike is Tomac riding next year, blue? Who will ride the West Coast SX for KTM next year?

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Lots of us Idahoans will make the 6 hour drive down to watch the Utah National. We have a lot of moto heads here. Some of the past champions who reside in Idaho are Bob Hannah, Damon Bradshaw just to name a few. Rekluse, Scott, Acerbis, WPS and Smith ... more »

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Are you sure it is not the reverse inductance transducer at 2.3 giga watts

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I remember we ran Yamaha pistons on our 80 and 81 Husky 250's as well as different reeds and pipe. DB's 82 Husky had .040 taken off the cylinder base to give it some bottom end power. Talk about a narrow power band on that bike. I was the slower still ... more »