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Shane getting the hole shot multiple times and dropping like a rock along with his mechanic putting please try on his pit board. Seems to me that Shane has kicked himself to the curb.

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There is a big difference between riding a 250 on a track with other 250s vs a 250 on a track with a 450. To produce a fast lap on a 250 you need to keep corner speed real high a 450 can get in the way of that and run away on corner exit.

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Years ago I told Gary Jones that my 125 Suzuki was not fast enough. His reply,” how many throttle cables have you pulled the end off?” The 250 Suzuki is fast enough in its stock form until you are at the national level.

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I thought Macado was out with broken fingers?

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Not dirty but Adam owes Marv one.

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Not a dirty move but Adam owes him one if it comes down to a win.

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Is he racing for a championship? He is young no need to rush it.

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The AMA have a history of inconsistency with respect to rule enforcement. A PC rider believe it was Forkner got docked last year for doing the same thing.

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I earned 12c in district 37. When I went to mx I asked for 12c and they gave me 12J.

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Tomac is the number one guy but Adam is doing what Kawasaki hired him for, gearing up to replace Tomac when he leaves.

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Best effort has to be Chris Heisser and the Tin Can. Best working bike Mike Alessi and the MCR 450 Suzuki.

Added reply in a thread Baggett on why tracks get one lined on race day 9/14/2020 8:08 AM

This is how it was done before this timed qualifying started. It has made SX one lined also.

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Faster does not necessarily mean he is better.

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So what’s your point? We all know Dumb Dumb is an idiott how does that change Ferrandis’s bad decisions?

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It will be interesting to see if AC can run down Marvin for second.

Added reply in a thread Let it rev higher or lug and slip the clutch out of corners ? 9/7/2020 10:18 PM

As soon as your bike looses forward drive in a corner you begin to wash the front. Use the clutch but don’t abuse the clutch, this is the fine line you need to learn.

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AC and Sexton are the smoothest riders in the 450 class, I believe that AC and Sexton will be the front runners over the next few years.

Added reply in a thread Has there really been no topic on the jmart/ferrandis crash? 9/7/2020 10:09 PM

I would not say it was dirty, it was another bad decision made by Ferrandis. Glad on one got hurt.

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Every one bags on the Yamahas especially the 450. Barcia is riding better on the Yamaha than he has ever risen before.

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I did not realize the 1 point change started after 5th place. I stand corrected.. Thanks guys.