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Buddy here must’ve been getting nachos during Colt’s podium interview..

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Without a doubt.. A year ago I would've said Forkner will give him competition but I don't see him getting through a full season healthy. JMart will smoke everyone in 2021.

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Millville and it’s not even close!

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Rumor has it Locurcio, Harmon, Sanayei, and Karnow just left the PC Kawi truck with pockets full of cash before the LCQ hahaha

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Football is much more important than supercross. I love both but let’s not be silly here.

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While hashtags aren’t really the right idea, the bigger thing this guy is getting at are the different marketing benefits of social media. Kids are the future of the sport and they are on their phones, not going to dealerships. I know what this guy is ... more »

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Up at the border near Lake Superior we have more than enough! I need to do what this guy is doing!!!

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I can't believe I just saw this. Slayer Nation!!!

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It’s not about “getting the lowest number” but rather the fact that there’s only 8 single digits to choose from if you get a title. The 250mx title is plenty deserving of it and he’s damn proud so he will pick it for sure. Plus kawi will look good with ... more »

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If we use critical thinking skills we can remember Stewart was not stripped of 7 during his suspension... so yes OP, clearly Martin will be punished for crashing at Muddy Creek. He obviously doesn’t deserve the number if he can’t suck it up for a race ... more »

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We just turned around. I recommend everybody not there yet does the same :/

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Wouldn’t even mind watching in light rain/low 70s after a scorching hot week outside in the Twin Cities. Can’t wait!

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Can you explain how that situation would be ironic? I did think it was quite a coincidence though!

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Nothing would make me happier than Ken and AC on Honda together

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Fill in??

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I think it was Emig that talked about his “racing desire/spirit” leaving him in his final crash on the Whiskey Throttle show.. that’s all I was thinking about when I saw Reed get hit, how does a dude with a family have any desire to return from that ... more »

Started new thread Is Reed done? 3/23/2019 9:40 PM

Man I really hope if he’s out for the season that JGR re ups him next year, as a fan... that crash made me sick.

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Buy a snowmobile and a trailer while you’re at it!

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OP this took 15 minutes max (I hope) of your life that you’ll never get back