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MXGP rider from England, not Texas.

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So Carmichael and not Dungey?

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Rockstar Husky has Stilez and RJ with Osborne's and Anderson's bikes under 1 truck with Swoll and Wilson under another. Why wouldn't the 250s be pitted together? Why is momma Webb toting springs about?

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I'm fat. All my gear is tight. I'll sit out the rest of this with Boom.

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GT80 must have never had a bike with the button.

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i think we will see a heck of a lot better than 16-24 before the season is over.

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Team Puerto Rico for the W.

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Dude, their names are written right on the poster! ...Maybe they were all home schooled.

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"...but what if you're wrong?" Sorry, I couldn't help it. IMO, I don't think THIS is the way to help grow the sport.

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If Roczen wins the next 3 motos (mains) and Webb gets 3rd (or worse), then it really doesn't matter what happens in the first 3 motos of the Nationals on the SX title.

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You are right, DV said to make it free (on youtube) to grow the sport and not a pay to watch like peacock. I guess it has always been "free" to me as my TV provider has always carried it and I am willing to pay for premium sports packages to get premium ... more »

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So if our sport had millions of viewers, that would bring more sponsorship money, more well funded teams, better paid riders. FACT! If you think shrinking the sport is better for the sport, you don't get it. But how do you grow our sport to a mainstream ... more »

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Dry Weight 105 kg / 231.5 lbs. Not quite as bad as you paint it. Phil asked the critical question... where are you gonna ride ? Tracks, trails, grass fields, wheelies on the street? With zero experience, the 125 may be ok to start for tracks, but then ... more »

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They replayed it on the broadcast. AP didn't triple out of the last corner. It was a great ride for AP and he was stoked. He said something to the affect that he couldn't have asked for anything more. I think he could've asked to to go 3-3-3 after the ... more »

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They have 8.7M subscribers??? I couldn't make it past 4 minutes.... spoke covers, seems right. 8.7 M subscribers??? WTF!!!

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I'm old, but I get it. The person is the brand. The merch promotes the brand. The brand generates revenue. Who better to promote the brand than the person?.. or something like that.

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7th bike. Was going 3-3-1 and OJ'd or went for the 3-4 but wasn't able to Stew-it. I'm not sure I remember seeing anyone going 3 out of the corner. It was usually 2-2-3 or 2-3-2.

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I do like the creativity of that St. Louis 2009 track Pastrana designed. But looking at the video, it appears to be 45 second lap times.. It's a football stadium. With the exception of Phoenix where they remove the stands where they slide the field in ... more »

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Looks like it rolled off the show room floor right into your kitchen.

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I tend to hold on to my bikes (* still have) 71 Hon CT-70 75 Hon XR-75 77 Yam IT-175 85 Kaw KDX-200 86 Hon XR-250 99 Hon XR-400 * 05 Hon CRF-250X * 96 Hon CR-250 16 Hon CRF-250X * 08 Hon Rukus * + other bikes and quads for the kids 94 Hon XR-200 03 Hon ... more »