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Very nice. BTW, "R" not "F" big difference.

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Sorry a couple of these are "thumbnail sized,"

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Obviously unintentional. I think it was faster, but not much. The turn had a rut in it and was slow. I may have to re-watch to stand by my opinion. Glad it was a non-factor. If it was faster, 5 second penalty - mute point.

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Its great you had the telemetry data from both riders. When I downloaded their telemetry data, I had the first collision later, the off track incursion much tighter to the inside of the track and following the contact, Justin never more than 90 degrees ... more »

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I sometimes have to pause the DVR and take a piss.

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I might be able to get there, but I'd be too tired to ever get home.

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2023 season seams ambitious and conflicts with MXGP schedule, so I'm not seeing those guys jumping series. Might be an option for the some U.S. riders if the money works out for the guys that do the Australian or some of the 1-off European races, but ... more »

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Looked like he may have chested the crossbar pretty good.Bummer. He'll be ready for the Nationals. I have an MD from Vital U.

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No one has claimed it, but does he still own it or can claim it? It's been far more than 2 seasons of not earning any points. Is the 222 free (I have no idea) for Tony's stint in the U.S.? Can Scott Meshey sell his 84 like a popular web domain to uh, ... more »

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Pit Beirer: "Jeffrey (Herlings) will be back on the bike for the first time tomorrow. On Tuesday we will meet in Mattighofen, Austria to discuss his future. We want to do the riding test first and then decide what to do. If Jeffrey is fit, we have a ... more »

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Just trying to hold the dust down.

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There was no comment on the broadcast about Anderson's 3 - 4 before the whoops. Everyone else was doing 2 - 2- 3. They only showed him doing it once (it was one of the first few laps). Anyone there see if he did it again?

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My dad had an 84 and couldn't get the dual carb thing to work for him and bought the 86. He quit riding dirt about age 65 and after more than a decade off the bike my second riding career began when he passed down this bike.

My dad back in ... more »
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I was relieved to see Gloria has Scottie's avatar and then read why.

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I wouldn't, but...

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Is it much different than NFL cheerleaders?

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I know track conditions differ through qualifying but 59th in the 250 class would have qualified for the night show in the 450s.

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James Stewart in for Daytona. Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.