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I sent you a reply!

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I guess I spoke too soon. On one of my sets of clamps there is a crack on one of the air chamber. Certainly this shouldn't happen?

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The battery doesn't "fade" but it will lose total charge. After a certain number of charge cycles the total charge held will decrease. I'm not sure exactly how many charge cycles it would take, I know a number has been thrown out but I don't remember ... more »

Reply to 3D printed dirtbike parts - UPDATE 7/27/2017 6:08 AM

The precision was +/-35 microns. Smallest layers possible was 20 microns. Add Up Solutions is the brand I am referring to.

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It's a good business to get it to, that's where manufacturing is going in the near future. I was blown away with some of the stuff I saw at that convention. There was a French company (I forget the name) but their setup's accuracy was in the microns.

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I had the privilege to go to Rapid +TCT this year for work and was able to see a lot of cool new methods of additive manufacturing. A lot of stuff the would be awesome to see in the Moto industry.

Using additive manufacturing ... more »
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That really sucks, I've had two sets of the SFS's on two different KTM's and never had any issues with either. I would buy them again before I bought x-trig or ride engineering.

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I like the Neken SFS, I've never tried the X-Trig but have had two sets of the SFS and absolutely love them.

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I have a set of neken SFS triple clamps for sale if you are interest. Off of my 2016 450 sxf.

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Can't believe this still hasn't sold. The Neken clamps usually go pretty quick!

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I don't think I could vote on taking any out, that would be a hard decision.. But a national at Florida Tracks and Trails would be awesome.

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I would like to see how much money each manufacture spends on all of their races teams in all of the major series.

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I have a set and would like to know as well.

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Still available?

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What does the regular Moto 9 have to do with the Moto 9 flex I'm selling?

Reply to Oakley Airbrake MX goggles For Sale 3/31/2017 7:23 AM

Orange and Blue pair are pending sale.

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You can not buy a Bell Moto 9 Flex for any less than $600 unless you get a sponsorship through a dealership, a sponsorship directly through Bell or are lucky enough to find one on close out, which doesn't happen very often. ... more »

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still available?