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I was told when I had covid in October 2021 that it would be no issue to get monoclonal antibodies, and they offered them up. I just had sniffles and a scratchy throat for a few days, so I passed on the offer. I do believe there’s a pretty good chance ... more »

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This is cool. Looking forward to listening!

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Well, here’s to hoping it’s real, performs awesome and isn’t priced out of sight.

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I loved my 07 RM 250. I never noticed headshake at all. Throttle response was great. I loved the acceleration coming out of corners.

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I’m looking at getting a 22 xc or xc-w and have wondered the same thing. You should ask that question on ktmtalk! I think at the end of the day it’s how well TPI bikes are running. If they run great, the market will reflect that. The typical things like ... more »

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Just another note of gratitude for making this experience possible! Great to read and watch!

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This one does it for me…starts at 2:33. Throttle the Movie It’s Steve Hatch on an RM 250. I bought one within a couple weeks of watching because I thought it was so cool and some of the trails I ride have a similar flow. In real life it was just as cool. One of ... more »

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I thought the drone was cool, but I’m with the folks who think that maybe it was overused a bit. It’s nice to see things from a different perspective. My favorite footage, drone or not, was of the large rolling jumps before a left turn.

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Was it two years ago when Cooper just about passed out after a post moto overall? Then he struggled a bit after that? It’s easy from the couch to say fight through it (it’s your job and you are in a championship fight). I’d hoped for a closer battle ... more »

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I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your dog. They really become great companions.

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Great story to watch! Thank you Brent for helping make this all happen!

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On Any Sunday

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Here’s the thing. Spot on.

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Dang, get healed up soon!

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Outstanding build! Another great reason to go riding!

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Terrible event. Rest in peace. Sending condolences to his family and friends.

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Wishful thinking on my part…I had a 15 R which I went one up on the c/s and still was often searching for another gear. I had hoped for a sixth gear.

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I’m curious about changes to the gear ratios on both the R and the RX. Could the RX be closer to a wide-ratio transmission now?

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As long as they never surrender.