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wich aussie dude you are talking about? Dave Willet - who said the GYTR YZ125 has about 5HP more than the stock 22 YZ is from the UK. The Long Rod YZ was developed by VHM, the do offer a Upgrade Kit for the 05-21 YZ125 wich is good for more usable and ... more »

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Its intresting whats possible using an over 20 year old engine- i m curious when they have something in production so i m able to buy it. Fantic really pushes things forward with their 2stroke developments

Added reply in a thread 2022 YZ 125 11/23/2021 11:41 AM listen to what he says at 7:50 - GYTR Kit gives about 5 more HP over standard... as we know the previous YZ125 GYTR Kit was good- but not the best investment in terms of engine power we can just ... more »

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Yeah- i did put the additional inlet port into the cylinder, i m running boyesen reeds and a PC Pipe (only to save the OEM Pipe!) - this Bike makes so much fun- the engine has a hard midrange hit wich makes you smile everytime it picks up revs. I have ... more »

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These YZ250s are really fun bikes! This is my 86 YZ250

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You can bolt the older style topend on the newer bottom end, not sure if it has to be used as a set. 86-93 was one engine "family"

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i think its febvre who takes the titlle over gayser. Herlings has a very big problem with him crashing. But as said before- they all deserve the title- its so intresting to watch- great time beeing a motocross fan

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these are not 22 models

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that spacer is there to "adapt" the longer conrod

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if they really getting 5 more HP of the already improved/more powerfull engine- what HP are we talking now? to get 5 hp more of a already high performance engine ist not easy! I m still waiting on a comparison with a husaberg/gasgas/husqvarna/ktm 125 ... more »

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if u thinking about buying a NEW 125- whats holding you back from the YZ125? Anyway- in your case i would get myself a yz250 2stroke, they have great engines and a broad spread of power.

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they should built a very "normal" 250f and 450f in the first year parts will be most likely only available through their dealers- so they see what parts are failing and get a direct feedback what needs to be adressed to make their bikes better. Suspension ... more »

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it seems like helmets are some kind of fashion thing nowadays?! every company wich was selling boots, gear etc now is selling helmets... I have had several arai and shoei helmets and i must say i stick with them, when i need a new inner liner- i can ... more »

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i remember my 2004 kxf250 having all sorts of problems, overheating, exhaust falling into pieces, the shitty waterpump/oil filter cap design, overheating, valves stretching (because of excessive heat problems?), gearbox failure... the bike had 5 hours ... more »

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There is a porting mod you should do to make the the power spread over a wider rpm range... its been written down in eric gorrs perfomance handbook

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I own Crossfires and SG12, i have had Astars before (Tech8 and 10), also had a pair of SG10 before. I m very happy with the durability of sidi and gearne boots- if i get a good deal i would take any of these (crossfire2/3 oder Gearne SG10/12) The last ... more »

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i ve seen people rebuilding these engines using the wrong crank seals- these have been changed through the years as the crank diameter has changed- so check if the seals are the correct size- otherwhise you might sieze your bike up again.

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I also own a YZ250 (05 road legal used for enduro) I never had any gearbox problems (used it for MX till 2018) Power can be greatly improved by add on parts (exhaust, head, reeds) Suspension is great But the main thing to me- the Bike is built to last- ... more »

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i left a comment on your profile- seems like i cant sent private messages

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Hi there,
i ve got some special KX250 cylinder heads for sale- sent me a message if interested.

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