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Thats awesome! Congrats on the track! It will take time like anything else does but Its a pretty good spot for a track in the midwest. I have been looking to buy a track myself for a while its a dream of mine that I will get one day. I have 2 kids that ... more »

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James Stewart for sure like him or love him. RC, RD, MC. Emig, Ricky Johnson, Hanna, The Man Cant forget TP

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Hope Mookie a speedy recovery. Man he was doing so good this year!

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Would be cool but not going to happen.

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I would ask for an extended warranty on not just the parts replaced but the whole bike! Also a discount of at least $500. You know this is not coming out of the dealerships pocket Honda is going to send them the Oem parts and reimburse them for the labor. ... more »

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I believe the 1st episode is setting the tone for the next episodes and they did really good at it

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Just will look funny.

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James is going to be

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I just talk to my local Yamaha dealer in Illinois and they have a few coming in and he said "I see you were looking at 2018 yz65's. Id love to inform you I do have couple on order currently im just waiting for Yamaha to release them to us!! currently ... more »

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I like his reply to that "they can come here" He is a badass for sure!

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I would love to get my son a new YZ65. I would pay MSRP or buy a 2018 KTM65. Anyone know when the Midwest is getting some?

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I have been watching the MXGP races this year and all I have to say is TC and Herlings "The Silver Bullet" would make for one of the most exciting Outdoor season ever! Those 2 are on another level! Now only if JS7 came back fit and ready to give it his ... more »

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I would like to see James involved with SX or MX if he is not going to race again.

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Thanks Guy's so cant go wrong with a YZ. Im defiantly up in the air about selling my 450 but defiantly have a 2 stroke bug!

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I know I could count on everyone on Vital to give me the best input and help me decide on what brand and year 250 2 smoker to buy. Im looking to spend no more than 2g's mark because I want to all the mods myself. Looking for a Diamond in the rough find

... more »

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I agree with you on that! He reminds me of JS7 he finds those crazy fast lines and hits jumps bigger than most guys and pulls some nasty rhythm sections. Maybe there will be a Wall jump at Daytona!

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By far put any 2 brothers against each other in their prime or even today the Stewart Bros would smoke any other 2 brothers that have race now or in the past. I would say the Martin Bros are the fastest that are still both competing right now. The Hill ... more »

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They should go back to 2 strokes which that won't happen or build bigger tracks like Daytona at speedways instead of Football and Baseball stadiums. Just a thought

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True I can't beige I forgot about that! Well now they have 2 and one is not a Stewart! Props to Malcolm on his 8th place finish. Next weekend top 5!

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Bowers to Factory Kawasaki! Hope he does good om a Factory ride!

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