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Reply to Actual ad over on moto side 9/28/2020 11:27 PM

If you only knew! It’s scary, even for someone that’s in it every day

Reply to How about Stu Baylor! 9/28/2020 2:23 PM

It just seems so weird to me that the XC1 class is so small. Do people just give up once they're fast A Class level if they don't have a factory ride or support for XC1? I guess it's just 5-6 factory supported guys and then just a few privateers..? Regardless, ... more »

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While search history and other interest parameters are usually the culprit for the type of ads you see, for the next 55 days or so, political ads will dominate the digital landscape based on the sheer number of their media buys. All that inventory has ... more »

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For those that may not know (like me), the above posts made me go look them up and, yep Stew won again! I casually follow GNCC so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but the results showed only 9 pros in the XC1 class. Is that normal? With all the ... more »

Reply to Looking to Move 9/26/2020 11:19 PM

Tarz, didn’t you do a CA road trip about a year or so ago? I think we traded messages and tried to meet up but it never happened. It’s an interesting time to be in CA right now, that’s for sure. The job market here can be tricky and it’s definitely tough ... more »

Reply to What is your bike number and why did you choose that # ? 9/24/2020 1:06 PM

inspiration for me running 123

Reply to PSA: Shoei on close out at Chaparral 9/22/2020 9:46 PM

Love my VFX-EVO

Reply to 2021 RMZ450 9/18/2020 12:29 PM

Thanks for the info guys. I was generally curious on prices for Suzuki's. In their podcast Keefer's buddy said buying the RMZ was strictly a financial decision, and he was on a specific budget yet he still wanted a brand new bike. They proceeded talk ... more »

Reply to Odd Engine Conversions 9/17/2020 12:02 AM

I was lucky enough to race Langtown back in it's heyday on a KX 80 Big Wheel with an XR200 motor, talk about fun!!

Reply to 2021 RMZ450 9/14/2020 8:25 AM

Suzuki owners, curious what have you paid OTD for your bikes? I know cost a strong argument for Suzuki’s compared to other bikes but I listened to the Keefer podcast review of his 450RMZ and his buddy paid $8100 OTD. Higher than I would have thought

Reply to Dean Wilson Signs 1 Year Contract Extension w/ Rockstar Husqvarna 9/6/2020 10:23 PM

In your opinion, are all these riders deserving of 450 factory rides? Tomac Barcia Cianciarulo Webb Osborne Anderson Roczen Baggett Wilson That’s the list of 2020 450 SX podium finishers. Dean earned his spot on and off the track IMO

Reply to Let's See those Sprinter/Transit Setups! 9/3/2020 6:38 PM

If anyone is interested in a Moto van ready to go...

Reply to Let's See those Sprinter/Transit Setups! 9/3/2020 3:50 PM

Bottom half is matte wrap, upper white is stock paint

Reply to Let's See those Sprinter/Transit Setups! 9/3/2020 2:57 PM

2016 Ram Promaster It’s for sale by the way...

... more »
Reply to Barcia to Gas Gas? 8/25/2020 11:23 PM

If anyone follows Forrest Butler on IG he‘s had a rough go of things lately, health wise. Multiple back surgeries. I have wondered if that would have an affect on the team and it’s future. They always seemed to have solid sponsorship partners and funding ... more »

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New OGIO bag with separate compartments. Different layout than the 9800 and lower price too

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Not for sale. Exclusive and hard to get, like Red Bull apparel

Reply to ONE SHOT feat. Tyler Bereman 8/19/2020 1:57 PM

Rad little video! That red Ramona clay makes me miss the days of night time motos at El Cajon MX after a day of classes at SDSU

Reply to Benny Bloss Husqvarna FC450DE for The Nationals 8/15/2020 1:04 PM

To anyone with experience using athletic tape, does it help with swelling? I’m currently wearing a compression sock daily to help with swelling from a badly broken leg/ankle (Pilon fracture). I’ll gladly buy some KT Tape and use Bennys code if it can ... more »