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one of the more popular snownboard apparel companies, Grenade, is planning to go into MX. Gear looks pretty fugly, i would expect better from them. Hopefully their higher end apparel will look better. ... more »

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i was definitely shocked to hear that about Timmy. Luckily, it sounds like he was diagnosed in time and put in the right care so hopefully he will make a full recovery and get back to racing soon. funny story about Timmy... I was at the Mammoth MX last ... more »

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wow. quick math shows Dave averages 31 posts a day. and thats just on this board. i want to own a small business that gives me that much free time! ha

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haha, might want to "wrote" yourself back into school!

btw hows Magget Fest up there in Missoula? thinking about going up there for it.
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anyone notice this when they were doing practice starts: there was one where mike slipped out of the gate and Jeff ripped a perfect start and pulled Mike down the straight. Rather than be happy that one of his sons did a perfect start, Tony's cursing ... more »

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refund gap!

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i disagree. remember the last time he raced an outdoor series? undefeated season. although i agree that watching him on an outdoor track is nothing short of amazing, the racing is MUCH better with him not in the mix.

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im not a RC car guy so i dont know the brands but i saw an ad for one of them in either RX or TWMX, featuring Metcalfe. So Geico Honda seems to have an RC car sponsor too

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i got it. good one.

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my rims are powdercoated and have held up fine. little blemishes here and there when you look at them closely, and the very edge of the back rim is worn a little from changing tires but thats pretty hard to avoid

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wow that was a cool video! (back on topic here....)

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Jordan, please humor me and name one brand of boots - or hell, gear and helmets for that matter - that are made in America. get a f'n clue Nancy. i really dont understand all the Nike hating and bashing of these boots. You guys are calling them "junk" ... more »

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one thing i found interesting in there was the mention of a health insurance package for pro surfers on the tour as well as a pension!! i follow surfing pretty closesly and there was a big uproar this year as another pro tour was rumored to surface and ... more »

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since the other thread seemed to turn into a political/national pride debate, i thought i would start a new thread after reading this article. good read...

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from what i understand, Hart and Pink were seperated but never got divorced. They are back together and therefore, still married. Chad/Ellie are not the ones getting divorced either.

Added a comment about feature CCR Sport Bed Buddy 12/10/2009 2:58 PM

i have one in my truck and its one of those things that you dont think its all that necessary until you have it. i will have one in all my trucks from now on. the center loop eliminates having to criss cross tie downs over the bikes front tire and the center extender is really helpful when carrying 3 bikes.

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ha, sorry GuyB not trying to steal your thunder

i just figured that since it had been on youtube and was released earlier today, someone would have posted it by now. looking forward to the Honda vid
Started new thread FMF Take 20 promo video 12/4/2009 3:17 PM

i thought this would have been posted by now. pretty cool little video

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so i guess the TLD/Honda team is doing the full schedule of nationals? that would be cool

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i dont think anyone will dispute the fact that Tony loves his kids and will do anything for them. but part of loving a son/daugher is knowing when to let go. At this point amid a long list of unhappy ex-sponsors (Honda, Alloy, Suzuki), it's painfully ... more »