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View this post on Instagram 🧑🏽‍🎤 2020 here we come ! / 📷 @swapmotolive A post shared by Alex Ray(@alexray_61) on Nov 15, 2019 at 3:03pm PST

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District 37 Sprint Enduro Series. I have been doing it this year and it's an absolute blast! Each race is put on by a different D37 club so some courses have been better laid out than others. But all in all it is a fun series and format.

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Don’t expect any “fill ins” at Rockstar Husky for the DW15 bike. From what I have heard, Dean is hoping to be back in the early rounds of SX

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Social media is important but you have to remember that often times what sponsors want and what a team wants are two different things... A rider's social media reach doesn't matter much at the highest level - factory teams want results, period. Social ... more »

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After a quick glance, I didn't see this posted. Apologies if it has/was. But... Interesting and VERY honest interview with the owner of Phoenix Honda about how their SX team from last year never happened. The title sponsor (Cherokee Indian Tribe) was ... more »

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"it would be very interesting to see a helmet with Arai's shell technology with a 6D-like liner. Could that be the ultimate helmet?"

Doesn't Shoei have similar EPS and shell technology in addition to their new rotational system in the VFX-EVO? Full disclaimer, I wear a Shoei mainly because they fit my head so well. But after buying one and looking into their MEDS system more i was really impressed

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I agree that OP is probably being dramatic and also just looking for vlog views (it worked!) But i'll take the bait...if you're serious about quitting MX, with a family to support thats probably a good idea. But you don't have to quit DIRT BIKES all ... more »

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Does anybody know if there is any video footage around of Ping riding that? It would be awesome to see! I know that whole thing was before youtube/social media, but he rode it at GH so hopefully someone got something on video.

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There’s one for sale in Socal

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That video is so insane! The wheelie-whoop-lookover was nuts I hope we see a fit and healthy Malcolm for more than a few rounds. He sure was looking good last year when he got hurt

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I have the FLO lowering pegs on my KTM. Night and day better for us tall guys! They also make them for Yamaha. 12mm lower (same as Fastway). I got mine through BTO

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Bogle has a 250 SX Championship and an Outdoor overall win. Benny has had a few Top 5 finishes outdoors but hasn't stayed healthy enough indoors to show what he can do. Bogle had two 4th place finishes in SX last year. Both have had injury issues, but ... more »

Added reply in a thread Places to Ride 10/11/2019 11:22 AM has a sub-forum for regional areas. I know the CA one is very active with guys posting rides and meet ups. Try the PNW one on there, that might help?

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Comparing a simple revalve to the full Kreft kit is not apples to apples. I think the benefit of the Revolve Control is you can adjust the valving externally. You're not stuck with just the one setting and hoping it works. For my application (offroad) ... more »

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I have the A1, same thing, just less shoulder protection I think. I like it, but they run a little short if you're tall or have a long torso (I'm 6'3"). I tried on the new Fox one and it has a little more coverage but still felt really comfortable and ... more »

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Kenny - agreed, any attention put into the Xplor suspension (especially the forks) should do wonders over stock. racerxxx276 - I see your point, but I really like the idea of the external valving adjustability on the Kreft RC. Plus, I don't anticipate ... more »

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Ha! I just resurrected an old thread about Kreft. Didn't see this new one started. Kennyfreemoney - which bike/forks do you have? AER? I'm looking to improve my WP Xplor forks and shock. It works great for the slow speed stuff, but way too soft when ... more »

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I realize this is an old thread, but does anyone have experience with the Kreft Revalve Control on the WP Xplor forks?

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Mad scramble to get Cole’s jetting changed before his race against Hanny