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Slow-Pro, any help or contact info on who to write to on the local level as well as the State level to show support against this proposed sale? I go to the speedways every summer and it would be horible to lose the fairgrounds. Also, i worked at OC Weekly ... more »

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has it ever occured to anyone that most of these guys probably have had offers, and they turned the down for one reason or another? Matthes made it seem like Ferry was prepared to sit out the season unless he got offered a program that would allow him ... more »

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does TLD Honda have another rider now that Craig is out for the season?

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he's riding Yamaha 450s here in the US for MotoConcepts this year. Maybe he's talking about the bike switch? Will he be on a Yamaha for the rest of the Aussie SX?

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got some great donations last night, thanks MD'ers!

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spun a few laps on a '10 450 and it was pretty cool. It just sounds so much different than anything else i have ridden. you can hear the air box sucking in air since it is right there. with the sucking sound - it sounds sorta like an import car with

... more »
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you dont have to be a hairy freak to do it. heck, i have 11 days of growh and i look like a damn creeper! I have dubbed my mustache style "The 9th Grader" since i look like that one kid i'm sure we all went to school with, that hit puberty a little early ... more »

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sweet! if you're not part of a team yet, feel free to join ours!

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i am part of a team this year that is joining the global Movember Foundation charity in which men all over the world grow mustaches during the month of November. The charity's goal is to help raise awareness and funds in support of prostate and testicular

... more »

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haven't read all 3 pages of post, but in regards to content for the show, for what its worth i remember reading an interview online with Todd Potter after he had been down to James' place to ride and film for the show. Did a quick google search and found ... more »

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i see your point but the reality is that people like you and me think reationally, Travis doesn't. he's a daredevil, plain and simple. yes he has enough money to retire and live a chill/relaxed life but that doesnt interest him. in fact TP being holed ... more »

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Dan, you REALLY think he does this stuff for the money? please...

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i gotta admit that i would never quite "get it" when photos and topics of the old school 70s/80s era tracks come up on the boards since all of that was before my time. I was born in '80 and got my first bike in '87 so im more of a "90's kid". But i came

... more »

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not PC or factory Kawi. I'm pretty sure i have heard him linked with that MDK/Kawi team that Wey is supposedly on as well. that kook that ran the MDK/KTM team that screwed Preston over is the one putting it together.

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the term "shit or get off the pot" really comes to mind for this thread

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Chisolm had his own gear sponsor last year while on L&M (Fly Racing i think) so i assume Josh will be able to run Thor and Monster (if he still has deals with them for 2010).

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Wally World exists???

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i never have understood the whole elitist attitude towards brands and clothing companies like Fox, Alpinestars, Metal Mulisha, etc. why be mad that a clothing company is successful and appealing to more people? it's like that nerdy artsy-fartsy music ... more »

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so WTF is SPR? am i the only one that has never heard of them? are they a shop/ dealer or something?