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i rarely laugh out loud reading a message board, but i sure did right there

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looks like Ronnie Faisst. thats him working on the bike and he's competing in speed and style

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guarantee that was part of a deal for them carrying Arma in their stores. no way they paid for that, trust me. caffeine and taurine mixed with nuts? doesn't sound so appetizing to me. but hey, it could work.

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there have been a few of these threads over the last few years and people always call Fox out. Yes they make crazy, loud stuff, but they have a lot of "plain" styles and colors of gear in 2010 as well as 2011. There was a video online (twmx maybe?) about ... more »

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Barcia is going to train at Carmichael's

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after that kinda night, sounds like you coulda used some NOHO drink. Arma is Sepkovic's new deal and as stated they are going all in starting at X Games

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am i the only one to notice that the Sign on San Diego story in that link was about Barona Oaks MX and NOT Pala MX? Barona Oaks is located in southern SD county, far from Pala and on a totally different Indian Reservation.

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no doubt that both teams have fast bikes. But on a "team" level, FC is head and shoulders above TLD no question. Their infastructure and support is far superior. To Pings credit though, he is working with very little resources compared to FC. They have ... more »

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can someone find the Yamaboy Kdub bowling thread? that was all time. i forgot about Kalisch! when people got him all riled up, there was nothing more entertaining. didn't he try to be a sit-down pro jet ski racer or something?? man after reading this ... more »

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he is based out of NC now and working for JGR. you east coast guys should look into his riding schools. not only would he help your riding, but you know he would provide some comedic one-liners!

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do they still do a Top Privateer award? I remember US Smokless Tobacco was a sponsor of it the last few years but at the few SXs i went to this season i dont remember seeing their set up in the pits. So maybe they are no longer a sponsor? Do they still ... more »

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contact Chad at, it's a job posting site and there are always lots of design related jobs posted there. i know a lot of designers look there for freelance work.

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MX Sports, FIM, Glen Helen management....they're all a bunch of Nihilists "Ve still vant ze mmmoney! Or ve'll cut off your Johnson!"

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Grenade is owned by Danny Kass, one of the better and more popular pro snowboarders out there today. He has won Olympic medals in half pipe and also has a reality show on Fuel TV called "Danny and the Dingo". The comany started out just making snowboard ... more »

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one of the more popular snownboard apparel companies, Grenade, is planning to go into MX. Gear looks pretty fugly, i would expect better from them. Hopefully their higher end apparel will look better. ... more »

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i was definitely shocked to hear that about Timmy. Luckily, it sounds like he was diagnosed in time and put in the right care so hopefully he will make a full recovery and get back to racing soon. funny story about Timmy... I was at the Mammoth MX last ... more »

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wow. quick math shows Dave averages 31 posts a day. and thats just on this board. i want to own a small business that gives me that much free time! ha

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haha, might want to "wrote" yourself back into school!

btw hows Magget Fest up there in Missoula? thinking about going up there for it.
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anyone notice this when they were doing practice starts: there was one where mike slipped out of the gate and Jeff ripped a perfect start and pulled Mike down the straight. Rather than be happy that one of his sons did a perfect start, Tony's cursing ... more »

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refund gap!