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Stew gets pretty blunt and honest about the team and bike. Great interview

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I'm a Digital Marketer, I do digital media ad buys, digital marketing campaigns and social media management. Some of my clients are your favorite moto brands. Although I make the bulk of my money in other verticals and industries.

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I don’t think anyone mentioned it, but AC has a rider option after this year. His agent mentioned that on a podcast. He really holds all the chips right now, and I think the rest of the dominos fall after he makes a decision.

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I would be blown away if Ferrandis goes to the BBMX team, no matter if they’re on KTMs or GasGas. He would be leaving TONS of $ on the table by giving up personal boot/helmet/gear income. Also, given their rider history it’s pretty obvious that BBMX ... more »

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Man that sucks!

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Thank you guys! Luckily my pain management has been pretty good. I was on Percocet only for a day or two after I got home and haven't needed them since. I really don't have any pain, which sounds like I am lucky. For me it's the non-stop tingling and ... more »

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Sorry to rehash an old thread, but to anyone who posted on here before I'm really curious to hear about your updates and any progress. I'm two weeks post surgery for my left leg Pilon Fracture. The first 5-7 days I was in a fog of pain pills and general ... more »

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Talk about a missed opportunity for Marty! The mental edge the top guys have over everyone else in this sport still astounds me. I wouldn't be surprised if Davalos never gets that close to a podium again, though I hope he does. You have to capitalize ... more »

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The site in question selling rider plates is a fake. That guy is simply buying Acerbis/Cycra plastic front plates and printing up fake replicas with other people's logos. Factory Effex, Throttle Jockey, etc. Reed is more savvy than most other riders ... more »

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McMillions on HBO. So good! No spoilers please if anyone knows the real story. I have resisted searching for info online about it since I started watching.

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Twitch moves product. End of story

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Also, guys at a Bowers level can command some gear salary as well as performance based contingency from other sponsors (boots, helmet, goggles). So their final take home is more than just Feld purse and manufacturer contingency. Finding sponsors or a ... more »

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Glad that hoax was quickly called out. I could tell in two seconds that those hills are not Calabasas. It will be interesting to see how the flight investigation plays out. The topography in that area is not sudden and/or dangerous for flight purposes ... more »

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As a life long Laker fan, this has been an unreal day. I remember exactly where I was and how i watched his 81 point game back in 06 against the Raptors. I'll never forget watching his last NBA game, hootin' and hollerin' in disbelief as he dropped 60 ... more »

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are the LCQs on Race Day Live or NBC Gold?!

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can people PLEASE stop using this analogy it is getting so old

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You missed his point, he's not comparing them as riders. Luke is obviously a much more accomplished SX racer than Kerr. But they both had the same requirements in order to race AMA Supercross - which is to simply get a license in their country's sanctioning ... more »

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i love throwback stuff but my god that stuff is hideous IMO

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Some might say his best success in racing came on RED but in retirement he prefers GREEN

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Is it a dumb and sort of petty reason to delete the photo? Yes. But i would do the same in a heart beat. During Ryans negotiations with Answer (or any sponsor partner) his agent no doubt heavily sells his appeal and social media reach. He's not racing, ... more »