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You haven't seen the new bag they just launched? It's got bags within the bag just as you're describing ... more »
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Funny thing about that deal was, the only thing that kept it from happening was Chad didn’t want to wear TLD gear. Starts and funds his own team instead, and basically pays for that exact same bike

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New owner was previously an executive at Guitar Center (CFO or something) and he bought TOPS and put his son in charge. That’s the story I heard at least. There are still some good dudes there and the parts guys are always cool when I deal with them. ... more »

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Yamaha was killing it during that era in terms of their ads. Those were the glory days, bike sales were at an all time high and the $ spent on major ad agencies was a reflection of that.

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Is it the Kevin thats the property co-owner with Shaun? Never ridden with him but I have heard the stories! He's gnarly TeamGreen - I feel like you post about owning/riding a lot of different bikes and also riding in Baja. Why did you take a MX bike ... more »

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@langhammx - man I miss riding out there! Can't wait to heal up and be ready for next winter in those canyons Shaun P.S - all that bling on your 300 and no radiator guards or braces?!? lol

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What’s the basis for your opinion on that? Marketing info from the various helmet brands? Tests/reviews from mags or websites? Personal experience? Not trying to argue with you. I’m genuinely curious how people tend to feel so strongly one way or another ... more »

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Shoei helmets are made at the Shoei factory in Japan. Not sure about 6D. Bell i believe has their own facility as well. Enlighten me if you know differently. I would argue EVERYONE should get sized for their helmet, if they can. Seems like a no-brainer ... more »

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i have always put my trust in a helmet made by an actual helmet manufacturer. For me that’s been Shoei, 6D and Bell. Leave it to the pros. The gear brands that pay someone else to make their helmet product just doesn’t do it for me. Sizing also plays ... more »

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Thousand Oaks Powersports is my local shop. I try to buy my oil, tires, parts, etc there as much as I can. But that ad just pisses me off. I have friends that buy bikes there and get treated well, but that predatory type of advertising is the exact reason ... more »

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DV - Not sure how many photos of that bike are floating around the internet. But if you need a reference for your replica build, that bike is actually on display at Mechanix Wear headquarters

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I understand the context of the post so this isn't in an argumentative tone...but on the flip side, my family's income was just nearly cut in half as my wife's salon (that she works at) was also shut down.

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@motoxdoc - Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself with the self-promoting machismo. Congrats on the Mammoth hole shot back in 2012, but your example of no "250s or 350s within a lap of me" is at a race with a long uphill start on a track at 8k foot ... more »

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@klinger - that used to be the case. But for 2020 KTM now offers a 500 XCF-W. Malcolm Smith Motorsports has one listed for sale on their site. It's the exact same off-road/trail category as these bikes tested.

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Sort of off topic but not really... To the Aussies, do you not have full size 1/2 ton trucks in Australia? I always see the little mid sized ones and the “utes”. But never see a Chevy 1500 or 2500. Why is that?

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6’3” here and I have FLO lowered pegs on my KTM. 12mm lower, same as the Fastway ones. Definitely noticed a big difference in riding position and especially while standing, I didn’t feel as hunched over. OP, like you I always used to be hung up on not ... more »

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I shattered my tib/fib on Feb 23, technically called a Pilon Fracture. Been laid up since surgery on 2/27. Can't walk, on bed rest with leg elevated 24/7. And then this hit. Oh, and wife is due in 5 weeks with out first born and now she is out of work. ... more »

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Been a lot of talk online and on social media about helping small businesses during all the craziness going on right now. The wife and I are ordering takeout tonight from a restaurant our friends own as we all know restaurants closing has really hurt

... more »

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Thats kind of the whole point of this huge massive shutdown of businesses and "shelter in place" mandates. It's the only way to ensure the majority of us don't get it...healthy, young, old, through these extreme measures. Is it that hard ... more »