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Some interesting takes here.

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This fiasco is puzzling, there's opposing factors here. Baggett not coming back seemingly by choice as he had another year on his contract is odd. As LungButter mentioned, the BBMX squad is probably the most well-funded private effort out there. Doesn't ... more »

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You guys are clueless about racing in the current era. This isn't two strokes and box vans.."hey lets get the carb jetted perfect and we're good to go!" Want to be top level team, like a JGR was? Try competing at a high level without room for spare engines ... more »

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Crush, your last statement is why I’m leaning toward a Specialized. Stuff does break. The help and any possible warranty issues you get from purchasing through a dealer seems like it’s worth paying a little more. I don’t know fuck all about Mtn bikes. ... more »

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Lots of leg/ankle injuries here. I’m still healing from double leg break, the worst one being a Pilon Fracture of my left leg, which is a fracture of the Tib/Fib at the ankle joint. Crashed doing a NHHA race. Pretty complicated injury and recovery. I’m

... more »
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that pic was posted on the teams IG account with this caption: "NOTE- bike rendering is done on KTM rendering as we are still waiting for gas gas templates"

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I’m going to strongly and respectfully disagree. Jett was/is quite possibly the most hyped 250 class rider in some time. Hunter has had some injuries but is still very much in demand. The role of using agents in order to get endemic deals in this sport ... more »

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@kyle978 thanks I’ll give them a try! Believe it or not my local Moto shop (Thousand Oaks Powersports) actually carries Specialized e-bikes now. Been getting the run around from them for a few weeks about getting one in stock in my frame size

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Who’s got one? What brand? Any advice? Been torn between the Specialized Turbo Levo Comp and YT Decoy Shred...if I can ever find one to buy!

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That chick was lost in Zion, not Moab

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They both got DQ'd, it was the right call in my opinion.

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@joko - when you say "adventure" do you mean this kind of riding?

Because to me that's adventure riding and I don't think the Husky/KTM 500 platform is the best for that. Now if you're talking about just general trail riding and off-road, than ... more »
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If you want to load two bikes, what do you do for the bike on the left?

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MxKing, you’re putting WAY too much thought into this. These guys, especially top level dudes like Shane - really don’t give a shit. This is their job. All the riders I have dealt with for the brand I work with really don’t care about gear the way the ... more »

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I got got today by the big ear in our pocket. Was at physical therapy today and talking to my therapist about Jackson Hole, WY. Tonight I’m scrolling IG and I get an ad for a hipster clothing company with their Jackson Hole trucker hat I had been scrolling ... more »

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Glad I’m not the only one that feels that mystique around “The Man” is sometimes over-done. Lots of success, yes. But also lots of swing and misses too - Team Suzuki in the 90s anyone?

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Interesting. is Hill coming back?

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If you don't like a traditional IPA but like life Hef's...try a Hazy IPA. They're delicious! Tons of craft ones out there but Sierra Nevada makes a good one that you can find just about anywhere. Doesn't have the typical IPA bitterness, instead it has

... more »
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Modelo or Pacifico is my daily go-to. CL or Miller Lite are great for all-day drinking at the beach or lake.