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"and what nots"

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So you're saying the guy without a ride should race the MXON? I hate to sound like a jerk, but you know how these "fill-in" deals work, right? The day after Pala 2, Savatgy is unemployed.

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I concur. As a registered Independent, in '24 I would consider voting for DeSantis, but I'd never consider Trump

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So the US race schedule will go from 29 races to 31. Awesome! Just what all the riders and teams are asking for (sarcasm)

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A while back my wife and I really wanted to buy a home in the specific neighborhood where I grew up (and where my parents still live). I printed out a nice open letter, explaining "if you'd like to sell your house, me and my family are looking in this

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DC said that? I heard Peacock was an option and MX Sports chose to go with MAV

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Rumblings of a possible Grand National Championship making a comeback. If true, it appears that Feld and MX Sports are trying to align as an answer to the World SX

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Wow, took me a few days but finally listened to it. Most interesting to me: Yamaha corporate didn't even care about Dylan's 450MX title. According to Brad they "never mentioned it". He said their top priorities as an organization was a MotoGP title and ... more »

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so your big idea that you wanted someone to pay for was to put Jett on a 125?

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100% makes a kids bike helmet that a few of my friends have for their young kids.

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Don't hold your breath, the 9900 is long gone. But there is a bigger bag they just released this year called the Rig T3. It's only slightly smaller than the old 9900 (volume wise).

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Count me in Shawn!

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Couldn't agree more. His recent stance on the children's vaccine was total hypocrisy. "we haven't ordered it. we're not going to order it". Thats the same stance he rallied against when it came to mask mandates. Gov't mandates forcing an action (or in ... more »

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Nobody mentioned Seely riding a 250? I thought that was surprising. Brayton and Frise on the 450s for MCR

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some people really don't understand how the internet works

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i'm 6'3" and the lowered pegs from FLO were a game changer for me one my KTM. Where I ride ruts aren't really a concern but I have heard people complain about that with these.

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Looks like Ping is no longer with the fire department? Beards are a no-go so just an assumption based on that.

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@maddpartskawasaki is filming it on IG Live . Starts in 15 or 20 min i think, doing track maintenance now

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I don't know who needs to hear this (well, several of you do apparently) but.... RE-SIGN AND RESIGN ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS! PLEASE GET IT RIGHT, IT'S NOT THAT HARD. Thank you.