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Reply to JT would be proud! 7/1/2020 1:30 PM

Another reason im glad and confident in making the full switch to Fly.

Reply to JT would be proud! 6/30/2020 8:06 PM

Down votes were accidental due to lack of oxygen from their buddy joe down their throats. I can see the visor with it on. Possibly riding tomorrow. When I do, I'll update on the ride comfort.

New thread JT would be proud! 6/30/2020 7:22 AM

Working on changing gear brands and finally took the plunge on a top of the line lid. First impressions: *Light as hell compared to another brands mid level helmets I've been wearing. *Interior is super comfy with no pressure points. *Venting looks great.

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Reply to Sex and Racing 6/29/2020 7:47 PM

Yup. No reason to lie. Lol

Reply to Best place to get graphics 6/23/2020 7:45 PM

Vert mx in Ohio (look on Instagram). Decal works always seemed over priced for stale looking stuff.

Reply to Dieting/Training 6/23/2020 7:39 PM

Look up reshape reclaim diet. I do it through my chiro. Monitored and healthy way to drop pretty fast.. you're about an inch taller than me and close to the same weight. 100% clean eating will get you there. 0 sugar unless from fruit. I only use stevia ... more »

Reply to Sex and Racing 6/23/2020 6:35 PM

Someone brought up a good point. At which national tracks have you, and if it were trackside, where? Lol.. Red bud, couple tunnel motos, even couple famous jump motos.. took a ride on the elevator in Florida once.. lol

Reply to Sex and Racing 6/22/2020 1:34 PM

The night before, yes. One way or another lol. The day of, nope. Throws me off. Then again after..

Reply to Now this is a track! 6/22/2020 1:28 PM

First turn sucked.

Reply to Bell Moto 10 Helmet 6/21/2020 9:13 AM

Eli's got one on today

Reply to New Fox Venin IMAGE Gear 6/21/2020 7:52 AM

Reminds me of my kids stuff.

Reply to Flat Track Pitbikes 6/19/2020 9:43 AM

Makes sense. Just never researched enough to put two and two together.

Reply to Flat Track Pitbikes 6/18/2020 7:35 PM

Ycf makes one too I believe

Reply to Good quality/budget option rather than Fox 180/360 6/18/2020 6:55 AM

Can't beat flys line up and price points.

Reply to Iso flat black L helmet 6/16/2020 5:14 PM

Text ya

Reply to Random supercross question from my five year old 6/15/2020 5:38 AM

Totally ball busting read. Very cool to see the troops rally together with a common interest. Prayers of strength and healing for you and yours.

New thread Iso flat black L helmet 6/14/2020 1:37 PM

Looking for a lightly used size L black helmet (obviously no crashes). Doesn't have to be 100% plain flat black, but close. Fly f2 carbon or formula 6d Bell Anyone? I have a flat black L Shift helmet I could partial trade or sell too.

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Reply to Electric ktm mini? 6/12/2020 3:26 PM

I'm just now seeing your post. My daughter is getting close to 2.5 hours. A random 25 minute charge adds about a half hour it seems. Acceleration and throttle response can be adjusted separately. So far, she's broken levers and wore out a set of rear ... more »

Reply to Next kids bike, gas or electric? 6/9/2020 5:43 PM

My kids ycf does 2.5 hours play riding at w beginner pace..

Reply to Next kids bike, gas or electric? 6/9/2020 5:09 PM

All about the electric minis. If you're looking for a cheaper route than the ee5, look up YCF e mini bikes. My daughter has a 50e, she's 5. She loves it. They do make one size larger too.