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Have something to do with gear deal? Hill and Friese were Leatt head to toe.

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Looks like a few are tape delayed... most are live on NBCSN.... just like FS1. It’s a better deal because of the gold subscription. To those of you that think that heat races won’t be televised, they will. Look at the schedule. Even though it’s says ... more »

Added a comment about press release JGR / Yoshimura / Suzuki Factory Racing and Answer Racing Agree to Multi-Year Deal 12/13/2018 11:30 AM

Autotrader is no longer the sponsor, correct? Need to edit the headline.

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To be fair to Mookie, he has never had a team ride in 450s... or even had his program ready by Anaheim 1. It’s not like he’s been on factory programs getting paid with no results.

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I never considered this, Chad is a US citizen so this could work.

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Why is it a bummer? Mile high stadium is about 500-600 feet higher in elevation than rice Eccles. He seems to have a routine down to help with the elevation. Also, Denver would replace SLC as his hometown race. Denver only 5-6 hours from Rio Rancho I ... more »

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Saw this on mecham motorcycle auctions on NBCSN. Reserve wasn’t met so it can be yours if you have the $$$

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They should hold it midsummer IMO. Many leagues have all star games, soccer has international windows. Schedule around American football, top soccer leagues, international soccer tournaments. Nothing but baseball and MLS in the summer! Could build a ... more »

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Who cares? I just want to see a world class rider against some different competition and on a different track. He could go 1-1 and Tomac could go 1-1 at the USGP. The whole USA vs GPS arguement is so stupid and meaningless. They're both world class series. ... more »

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I think Malcom is going to do the first few nats just to show teams that he's fast and willing to ride outdoors. It'll help him find a ride next year.

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Haha you're insane. Sure they're accurate the day before but it's tough to say a week ahead. Forecast is rain for Friday, that could easily move to Saturday. PS, I lived in Slc for 6 years and currently about 200 miles west of there. I hope weather is ... more »

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You don't need the cable subscription unless you're trying to watch the 2nd motos

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I don't get Mav TV this year, but anyone with a Roku, Amazon Fire stick, Apple TV, laptop with an hdmi cable, can watch the first motos plus the pre show completely free in perfect HD. Who needs Mav tv?

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If you have a costco membership... $299

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Perfect for my project bike I'm starting

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I think Luongo would be stoked if Davi got a 38th... Because when was the last time they had 38 riders on the gate for a GP?!?

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Ryan isn't the only one criticizing GP tracks and their prep. Look at the Ferrandis interview from last year on racer x, and the recent Simpson interview.

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same for me, I don't have a service provider as of last week. Worked before when I had dish and nbc sports but I thought it was free for all this week only.

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Yeah it's not working for the second Motos

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Yeah I think racing 3 different places was a massive failure, and I'd be extremely surprised to see them do it next year. Most likely nationals all summer, but I guess they could do Canada again.