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The question that you really need to ask yourself is what you value more. Time or money? If you value money the most, then ride that bike as long as the frame is good. Just be prepared to have something break on the bike pretty regularly once you reach ... more »

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Thanks for letting me know what you have, guys. I think I have found a set that I am going to buy locally, though. Good luck selling what you guys have!

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Looking for a second set of suspension that I can have set up for strictly off road use. Let me know what you have available that would fit a 21 GasGas MC250F.

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Big Springs MX is just over the state line in Alabama and is about an hour from AMS. That's my personal favorite track that's open regularly.

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Pretty much everyone goes to their place of employment for the money. It’s not a revolutionary new form of thought.

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I don't do the qualifiers, but I do get the opportunity to race against a lot of the guys that make it or finish top 15 at the regionals in 25+ and 30+ when we attend our local series and regional AMA series. Those guys are fast. Most of them ride every ... more »

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In some cases these decisions are made by their teams. I'm sure you thought of that, though.

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I have a brand new MC250F header that I can sell if he won't separate. Txt me if interested. 678 - Four 2 Seven - 2629

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There are a lot of dudes in the Vet classes that are still really fast well past the age of 30. But for a lot of them, everything revolves around this sport. That is good and awesome for them, but for the average 35 year old dude that rides twice a month, ... more »

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In the past 3 years I've had 2 450's, 1 350, a 250 2T, and last month bought a 250F for the first time in almost a decade - I was probably the fastest (I use this term loosely) I've ever been on the 250 smoker. The only problem was that when I wasn't ... more »

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I have some take offs from my GasGas MC250. Used once. You may not want the silver bars, but they are just going to collect dust in my garage, so I'll offer them up here in case you do.

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yes it does. Found out yesterday with my new GasGas. Left the house yesterday with 1.7 hours on the bike, rode 1 session (20 minutes), and it then said 2.3 hours. Left the track with 3.3 hours showing on the meter and when I got home it said 3.5 hours. ... more »

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Awesome for this guy. As mentioned above, he's pretty recognizable, even to the casual fan. So he's probably going to sell some gear. It's a smart financial move on his part by capitalizing on his brand. The real question I have is what the target demographic ... more »

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Supply chains across the globe have become increasingly stressed over the course of the past year. I would venture to guess that freight costs and raw material availability aren't the only reasons manufacturers haven't produced more bikes. I'd also guess ... more »

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Part numbers tend to be the same between the brands for the most part. But now that you mention it, I would assume the part numbers for the frames would be different just because of the colors. Brain fart on my part.

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I would check the frame part numbers between the 17 FC and the 19 SXF. If they don't match, then I would suspect the motor swap won't work.

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I can't seem to find much info, so I thought I would ask here?

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Brand new and never used. Will also fit KTM and Husky models, obviously. $300 shipped for the muffler and $200 shipped for the header. Will sell them together for $475 shipped. call or text. 67 eight - 4 two 7 - 2 six 2 nine.

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I'm not keeping the oem suspension. I'm swapping with the 450 that I'm about to sell. So it will have a full Race Tech setup with spring conversion. I still may look into some clamps later down the road, though. I actually bought a set of Mika bars for ... more »

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I finally got this thing on Saturday after a recall on the chain delayed me being able to pick it up. I still need to swap my suspension out, but this is what it looks like for now.