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Driving from Bakersfield, CA to LAX to Chicago Thursday night Hotel in South Bend Very first Des Nations!!! Second trip to Red Bud! No fancy dinner... unless beer is fancy Looking forward to seeing all of you, perhaps splitting one beer.

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Even with time it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what failed. Usually a failure destroys much of the evidence. With some work you can formulate an opinion of what failed but without some experience with multiple failures you usually can't ... more »

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I have the time off at work and a hotel reserved. I haven't bought plane tickets yet or race tickets. I think it will be awesome to watch the Worlds best motocrossers race on one of the best tracks. Of course, I'd love to see the Americans win but good ... more »

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Congratulations Justin Brayton, Daytona Champion! It is great to see this guy get his first win, we'll deserved

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I don't think I've been that excited to see someone win a Supercross in a long time. Great job Justin Brayton Daytona Champion!

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I will start by saying I'm a fat old guy who loves to eat so I get it but is James trying to compete with Ricky in retirement weight gain, lol

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He just seems to have lost a bit of edge from when he was killing it on the Yamahas. I'm not sure what it is, I bet there are quite a few people trying to figure it out. Maybe transfer of power to Alex?

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The Steve Matthes memorial nets are probably the best thing to happen to Supercross since they invented the wheel! Matthes for Supreme Overlord of Supercross

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I am in the same boat as everyone else it sounds like. I used to go to everyone A1 and often A2 and A3. Even Dodger stadium and try to hit San Diego when I could. Now that I am busy with work and family stuff and the TV broadcast is so good and live, ... more »

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Ha ha, yeah, get em Steve.

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Tulare cycle park (now DT1), winter 1987, George Holland shows up with a new RM 250 in the back of a pick up. He was a local hero and a factory guy, first time seeing a real pro at a local track. Being a California motocrosser, I have seen and ridden ... more »

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Yes, thank you, Zack, Cole, and Thomas! You gave your own time to race for the USA, you deserve our appreciation. You will have better luck next year!

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I swam in college at a top division 2 school and did some serious mileage during that time. We swam 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon plus weights, monday through friday. Saturday we swam 2 1/2 hours plus weights. I ate 5 times a day, ... more »

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These guys continue to be complete bad asses and show why they are heroes! Great Job Guys!

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Looking forward to some live SX, hope the rain stays away...

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Great close Racing!!! Webb rode well, his balls were out but so were everyone else's. USA should be proud of good rides. We were at least a threat and in the race all the way to the end.

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We have had some GREAT RACING so far, bummer for Anderson. I hope this 3rd moto continues with the great racing and maybe Webb will lay his balls on the handlebars and go to the front!

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Febvre Cairoli Strijbos Webb Van Horebeek Coldenhoff Waters Benoit A Martin Cooper Seewer Butron Guillod Paturel Kjer Olsen Bernardini

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I had a compression fracture of t11 &12. I rode about 4 months later. I was sore for about a year to year and a half on a really rough track like mammoth. I have no issues now and I did it in 1996 and still racing.

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I have seen issues on the Yamaha quads where a ground wire would break and it would cause the cdi to retard the timing which would cause a lot of unburnt fuel to end up in the exhaust canister. Which could cause smoke. I know the quad electrical system ... more »