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Looking to get a newer bike, and I can’t seem to find a 350xc that is close and reasonable price. A lot of SX’s though. I mainly do sprint enduros, so tank size is not a must. Just wondering how they handle in the woods

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What was the Albertyn fiasco?

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She is wearing a Denard Robinson jersey from the University of Michigan. Other than that, I have nothing

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Tomac is the more rounded racer. He excels at mx/sx, while herlings is a outdoor specialist.

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We always move around, but end up on the hill by the sand rollers. You can see them coming off the bevo jump and hit the rollers, then watch if they do the leap

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I meant a tiller, not a roller.

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A tracked skid steer with a dozer attachment and a mini excavator. I have been in the grading business for 20 years and I sold my dozer and just use a track loader, they are faster and easier than a dozer. If you can get a roller for it, it makes it ... more »

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I agree with this 100%.

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Cool, thanks for the info

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Since Detroit got bumped off the schedule, I am taking my boys on a road trip to Indy. Do they have open pits? Is there a extra charge? Thanks for any info

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems

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Totally agree. Most of the moto guys that I know have switched to off-road. Alot more seat time.

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I always try to buy all black gear. Black helmet, boots, gloves. Black never goes out of style

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No Detroit blows. The attendance is decent, but the pits are bad. Hopefully it will be back down the road.

sandman768 left a comment 5/30/2017 2:31 PM

I have an fmf spark arrester/silencer off a 92 rm 250, I"m pretty sure it will work on your 93, do some research..I also have a gull coverage alum. Skid plate for same...I I'll sell both for 100.00 plus shipping....

Started new thread 93-95 rm250 exhuast 5/30/2017 9:09 AM

Trying to finish my build, and I am having a hard time finding a exhaust with silencer. I need a spark arrestor on it. Can't find one anywhere thanks

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South wick 2011.

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I think he just lost his motivation to do it. His injury, Kenny's crash and injury, and the rise of Tomac all played a factor if he retires. My boys are going to pissed, they went to red bud last year for the first time and wanted his autograph, and ... more »

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I bought a Sony az1, with the wrist remote for $160. Nice camera, and the editing software is easy to use. Last two go-pros I have had, both ended up having sensor issues. Sony is a good quality camera for the price

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Isle of Man classes- crazy and super crazy