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Oh God, can't believe I am reading this thread. I have to write an essay for my college about the theme under discussion and I know nothing about it/ Can you help me? I think I'll have to order the paper on ... more »

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I'm an engineering student too! That's cool what you are doing. I, for one, don't have time for such activity. I'm piled up with essays (I, engineer!). Have you heard about companies which help with it? I found a review on one and I want to ... more »

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Norton is good but my friends and colleagues recommended me to choose between bitdefender vs avast. According to this comparison, they are both quite good and it's gonna be hard to pick the only one.

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I adore cartoon series that Netflix produces lately. Hilda, for instance. And also they fly high with ongoing series like BoJack Horseman. They are all great. But because of their geo-restriction policies, I have to get titles from the best torrent site. Anyways. ... more »

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Cool vids :D

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