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That is a cool van even without its graphics.

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I agree with you. They have always been other people's bikes. I can't stand bikes with shitty controls.

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You can check that crank bearing by trying to shake the flywheel up and down. Should have zero play.

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Could it be a flaw in the casting? I've never seen that before. The TS185 is a fun bike

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I've never used a dls brake worth a crap. I'm sure they work well when set up right. They look cool.

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You don't need a 32' 5th wheel toy hauler to camp with. A 20' camper and bike in the bed. For me I don't worry about things like wearing out my truck. That would be why is own a truck.

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Id be happy if Suzuki just sold 2005 RM125s again

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Those are cool bikes. Rob really made his nice.

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Sure would be nice if they could may be produce one less and sell me a battery that has been out of stock since August. To me, it's pretty bad they will keep pushing new ones and won't sell extra batteries people need. Maybe I should just buy another 650 bike for its battery. And it's something like 150 dollars for a 12v battery that looks like a Harbor Freight drill battery that I'm willing to pay for

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I think that's a really good price for a 465. Yeah 450exc? You'd put a safety seat on it? Myself in not a fan of after market safety seats. They look goofy to me. All that bike needs is tank stickers and a number 64 on the plates and I'd take it to the ... more »

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You are right, he isn't the first mx bad boy. But no other rider I know of could get so many people that didn't know him or any anything about him past message board heresy and could infuriate people to the point of rage Just by doing his own thing as ... more »

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Try a PWK 38 with a Stic. You will have the fastest CR500 ever from bottom to top

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Ask him on Instagram

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Its not until you see a 87 cr500 (or any of the early water cooled Honda 500s) do you realize how big the stock tank is. I don't know why they didn't seem so massive back in the day. Since motos are rarely more than 10 minutes long I might even consider ... more »

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I used to have one back in the day. I had a 420 piston, a RM400 swingarm Works Performance Shocks and a Al Baker fork kit. It was heavy ugly and slow . I could rip tight S Jersey Enduro trails on it. Only bike I could ride wheelies on till the front ... more »

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I'm still looking for a 73 XR 75 stator case of anyone has a lead. It's the old style held on with 2 or 3 screws.

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If it's going to be legal for vmx I'd probably go with a 34 Mikuni. Whatever you choose watch the float bowl clears the cases. Theres not much room. If it hits you will have fuel issues and possibly a siezed piston

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There's more than a fast motor to having work done. Being done when promised, accessibility to answer questions, not feeling like you are bothering the builder with questions important to you but silly to them. Being picked apart with every single 6mm ... more »

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Great job

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I think 100s are more popular now than they were back in the day