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Mid Ohio was sick. Its as if they didn't allow you in unless there were at least 2 pitbikes on your trailer. It was pit bike mania. The most exciting part of the weekend was the boot leg grass track oval pit bike races. If you had a t shirt on that was ... more »

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No such thing. There is not a motorcycle built that is too nice to ride. Thats ridiculous sounding to me as a chick too hot to poke. Ride it and let the next guy worry about restoring it. It is a good looking Maico

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Anyone going to Mid Ohio. Ill be there with #64 on the side of my KX and black Honda Fit maybe riding a Klein MTB. Im the old man with the backwards hat. If you see me

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I was thinking of rebuilding my wheels with aluminum rims. Would that be blasphemy on a 73? Maybe even the next gauge thick spokes. But I definitely want to clean the aluminum like you did. That is amazing

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I really like those YZs. Nice bike

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I imagine you must have taken your forks apart. If you did, how did you get the Phillips head screw loose of the damping rod? It's buried so deep in the casting I can't use an impact wrench on it to break the screw loose

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Great job. How did building the wheels go for you? I have a 73 XR I'm restoring. The aluminium cleaned up amazing on your bike.

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I've seen older CRs with an aluminum frame CR kicker on it and they seemed to work.

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when I was getting a shock for my KX I had called YSS as they are local to me also. I was extremely unimpressed by their knowledge and lack of enthusiasm to get YSS suspension on my bike. I went with a Noleen shock and was glad I did

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Would anyone know if the 2018 and 2019 KX459 share the same FRONT number plates?

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I wish they would leave Unadilla alone as far as track changes. The track is famous for how it was. There's a reason everyone has come back to South Edmonten since the early 70s see real mx. Every other other track has skyshots , doubles and rockers. ... more »

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what size head is on the bolt?

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I say the same thing about Tom. On customer service alone he makes you feel good about paying him. And just wait until you ride your bike.Not saying anyone else is bad. but Tom really knows how to make a dirt bike run really well.

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I respect riders like Larry Ward . They stay in the sport for a long duration. Then when they retire, that's it. you don't hear from. then agsin. . Some guys are around as much as when they were behind the gate it seems.

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don't forget if you get it back together and it's not holding a gear correctly that the early RM had the goofy shift detent in the drain plug and you'll have to install it..

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I saw where someone had used an epoxy kind of a paint on a plastic tank once. It looked really really good. But does that ever work? I wouldn't think that it would and that it would come off because the tank flexes so much.

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you are right DTR380. I think it's the only race I've ever done where I don't get the willies waiting in staging and on the line but rather I cant wait for the card to go sideways. My favorite part of the event is first thing in the morning before the ... more »

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that WR looks amazing. That's a great bike for Unadilla. The Rewind track doesn't get rough like the pro track so the big power that bike makes will be fun to rip up the New York dirt.

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I was able to wash my bike at the big tank last year. It was on the south side of the pits. Just past the Legends and Hero's set up

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my mistske. I thought the 3rd line was the kill button. I know you must know what you are doing if you are replicating Works bikes.