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Have you had experience with those? I've seen them break on not a hard crash only to ruin the day of racing. .Customer support offered a whole 20% off a new pair.

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Why make it so difficult? Buy a 3 pack sheet and make them yourself. Cut a pattern from paper first if the shape is tricky

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You installed the slide in the carb backwards

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And stay with the kx crank seals. I bought the yz seals I was told fit the kx and they aren't close to fitting. I don't know where the mistake or misinformation lies, but the stock parts work fine

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If you aren't first,you're last

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I can't say a single bad word about Eric Gorr. He did great for me and my 144 CR. However I can't say enough good about Tom Morgan. There's more than just doing great motor work when sending your cylinder off to make it fast. He is someone I can recommend ... more »

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I have no clue Bad Juju I added gussets to a friend's CR frame cut from a cromoly piece of tube. It was crazy hard to cut and work with I would think anything you add is going to help. I see you are doing your build right.

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That setup was ahead of its time.

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Mathis yaps for hours every week about moto totally unscripted . Even if he said something that could be taken as hypocritical, one could go by his character and understand that he had no intent of bagging on the racers.

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Damn,if that was a 200 and 250.00 and it was less than 2 miles from me and you gave me gas money to pick it up and you didn't mind getting paid in rolls of pennies I'd be all over that thing. Oh yea if you filled it with VP and gave me a 5 gallon pail ... more »

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This video has 5 comments.

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Try this for night cramps. I was getting God Awful muscle cramps from a medication I was taking. Take one or two spoons full of yellow mustard the next time you get muscle cramps. I thought it was bull until I tried it. Within 10 to 15 seconds the cramping ... more »

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When you asked what's a bunch of crazy mx guys going to do while roomed in a brothel, a race through the streets on Ts185s wasn't my first thought

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Why does the fork look like it has 22" of travel?

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What size are the rims?

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There's nothing like an actual mx magazine. Kids today. Al Gore ruined mx magazines wirh his Internet

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I didn't know you hurt yourself and I forgot about the garage project. I get it,there are only so many hours . But that 84 kx is darn cool

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It doesn't take much to bend a pipe. I was able to tweak a PSI pipe that wasn't fitting by sticking a broom handle in it. Your situation would need some creativity to clamp it so you can bend it

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I totally understand you. You put your hours and money into the bike,not me. And you created a bike that's probably better than factory bikes were at the time. IPlease don't take my cheap Internet message board comments as my criticism. I think differently ... more »

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You would have to buy the 92 Yz Works Bike Tank to 04 YZ250F adapter kit to make it work. It could only raise the value of your bike. You could get 1500 for your bike after adding a 1100.00 tank