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Holy Moly FTE! Great job! Although I don't expect less from you

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I'm not understanding. You were too lazy to shift the 350 so you got a 450. But you want a 125 off road bike. I'm not busting balls. I just don't understand your reasons

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The gussets and welds look great. How did you shape them to fit the frame?

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I wish the world would stop the crap. If they want things to be normal then start acting like it. Fill the seats and throw the masks away.

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I'd like to take their opinions as valid and I'm sure they are, but I question why every single bike they tested for the last 30 years needed a rear sprocket one tooth large Id like to see Kawasaki drop off a new 450 to test with a 72 tooth sprocket ... more »

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Thats crazy that's so clean at 45 hours with 927. After 8 or 9 hours my KX125 had a ton of carbon build up. It protected from wear just fine, but the inside of myou engine was so dirty

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Just brainstorming, could timing be the slightest off causing some kind of backfire before the piston closes the intake port?

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Every DrD product I've bought was worth the money I paid.

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This old HiPoint leather tool bag was on the back of my father's bike. I'd like to restore it as good as it can be restored and mount it on my XR250 in place of the stock Honda tool bag It's super heavy leather. Any ideas what I do to get life into it?

... more »

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I don't know if I would have handled things like they have, but it will be interesting

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Where did you find those cool aluminum slotted side plate bolts? I think they were stock but side plate bolts always vibrated loose

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I agree And when he wants to tell us we will know. Wish only the best for him

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Great comparison

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So you dug up a 4 year old thread to shit on the dude that did an amazing job restoring his KDX.

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Do you remember those variable pitch rear knobbies? I think Honda and Suzuki had them in 76. To me the rear tire looks original

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You lucked out there Hudwiser. Good man HastleJoe

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I'd buy this Still has original tires

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Is it worth the effort to have a extra tank to race with?

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Your 250 is in pretty good shape too. Is the 125 easier to ride in the woods? I had a 250 like yours. While I had a lot of fun riding it, I thought it sucked compared to my 81 Suzuki. I wouldn't hesitate to own one today.