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did you get my Pm John Superbike? The pm here are like old RM stators as it doesn't always work. if you didn't then email me

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it's also not a 78 DR500. They were 370s in 78. I had one. was also the ugliest bike ever made. Somehow I had the most fun on it too

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I agree with Sandman. It's a effort to get the right sizes but it's worth it . Replace the engine bolts with flange 8mm head bolts. Allen heads look cheesy and they fill with dirt . 8mm head bolts are easier to get a torque wrench on than Phillips screws ... more »

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Don't worry about dirt and scratches. It will only take way from the fun you are having tearing it up . Let the next owner worry about the scratched plastics when he rebuilds it. Your job is to enjoy your bike. You did a nice job. It looks a great

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Call Clark. From my experience they are easy to work with and make things right. I'd get another tank of acceptable quality and keep this tank to use as practice days. This way you'll have a freshie and one for your knee brace to scratch up

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Ive had a few challanges this past year and it got me thinking of friends I have in my life. The people I call my friends are all great humans. There's not a single one that I could not call at 3 a.m. to post bail or come help me if my car was broke ... more »

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I miss Donnie. He was a great racer and a strong character. It's a shame he was taken at such a young age. He was one of my favorites

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it's nice to see a post when they are done right because and give equal time as it's so common to read posts when someone gets shafted .

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A friend bought a 03 YZ125 and is installing a fresh oem piston. The piston coming out of the YZ has a .006 gap which sounds way tight to me. Minimum Yamaha specs is .020. What is acceptable?

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Started new thread Rippin on a 79 YZ250 12/18/2017 12:11 PM check how fast this dude goes on a 79 yz250 He makes the ratty air cooled motor sound crisp and the shitty suspension look good There's proof that going fast has everything to do with rider ability I feel hopeful for vintage ... more »

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F150motocrosser is right. it's not hard. Just your time and efforr. Used an orbital sander for 95% of mine. . Rather than source discs for the sander in the finer grits I left an old pad on and cut the appropriate size discs from square sheets and spray ... more »

Added a comment about video Ken Roczen's Road: The Crash, Injury, Recovery, and Adapting... 12/17/2017 4:45 AM

Always like KR. Cant be easy moving to another country becoming a winner while getting the fans to embrace you. Will enjoy seeing him race again.

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I never understood those crazy looking levers. You like what you like. To me they look pre crash bent

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doesnt a new Mikuni cost about 150? I may be wrong but I didnt think they were all that expensive for a new one

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I quoted the wrong post and cant edit it, I apologize Unless I had a balls out to the finish battle I feel silly collecting a trophy or plaque. or answer the question at work on Monday morning how I did yesterday at my race and with a clear conscious ... more »

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great job. Isn't it satisfying when the project is complete knowing you didn't compromise on anything ? It's even better that there are few around too

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That bike has low hours. Just a little neglected. You don't have to do much to have a competitive 125

splime 738 left a comment 11/18/2017 10:56 AM

Hi Maxpower, any info or pics of your 83 kx shock, I am interested in getting one, have emailed noleen but no reply yet

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I'd love to see him come back and do well. The guy is an amazing rider and has made a huge mark on our sport. Many dislike him because he hasn't lived up to thier expectations of him. I'm sure he wishes he could have( And it is his life not the fans ... more »