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I covered it in 2016 when Renner passed Byrne in the last turn before the checkers. It was one of the last races I covered. And a good one that sent chills through ya.

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I just want to see many riders do well when granted the opportunity. Not just one. May the best man win.

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Not much Fro’s fault but the pit reporter or another TV staff member on the floor or spotting from somewhere not getting the info during the race. Saying “he lost focus” is a non-answer to fill time. Maybe access to radio communication from the teams ... more »

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It’s still early and still a lot of moving pieces. I’d say this is a great start to the 450 series. Runaways take the fun away.

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Been doing that all year and last year too for the 2nd 450 and 250 A sessions.

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I bowl at PBA Tour events. Entry fees: $1000 for World Series (LOTS of games). Other majors are $500. Most national and regional rounds between $200-300. If you make the TV show, your guaranteed at least $3k or more and can win up to $60k. And that’s ... more »

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I got more respect for people who go out and capture their own content and make it original. It’s more fun and gratifying and you learn. Ripping off other’s content (that they traveled and captured themselves - sometimes barely breaking even on) is cheap. ... more »

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Way to steal other’s content and repost as your own. Good work bro.

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Those are good numbers. A1 always does well. Hopefully the rest of the series follows that upward trend while other sports have either plateaued or fallen. SX is in a good spot now.

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Very well done and cool to see his insight on all of that. I saw MC’s nac nac at PHX 2006 in person. One of the best moments I’ve seen at a race ever.

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I have Fios for my internet connection and works pretty flawless so far besides small router / modem issues. For local channels, I guess it depends on your location. I'm close to Philadelphia so I get all local channels from there. But I'm more worried ... more »

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PS Vue has been great for watching SX as well as MX (NBCSN). DVR capabilities are great as well. YouTube TV is a great option with DVR. But I use Apple TV which has PS Vue but not YouTube TV yet. Once Apple TV accepts YouTube TV, I'll make the switch ... more »

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(This got lengthy but here it goes.....) Thanks for the kind words. Wish I could be doing what I did before but I picked up a full time warehouse job on the weekends now (nice to not have to pay health insurance and such out of pocket for the first time ... more »

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RIP Tom. Great man to represent motorcycling overall. Met him a couple of times throughout my travels. He gave me a tour of his museum one time and was blown away. Will be missed!

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I'm not there this year. Haven't been to a race since Baltimore AX. Picked up a full time job on weekends these days.

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Wow. What a crazy situation Lumpy. Heal up bud!

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You guys are being WAY about picky about this. It's as commercial free as you'll get from what I've seen in past rounds. It's fine.

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Tyler at Holeshot Graphics!

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I'd say it's more level but also more saturated than ever. RC dominated because he turned EVERYONE's lifestyles from "Hey let's party it up!" to "How many miles did I put on the road bike this week?" JS7 changed the way we all ride now. With the combination ... more »

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I've heard things such as Foxboro instead of MetLife for only next year and stampa tha Tampa. But I'll wait till the official release of the schedule. Usually it's the Vegas presser when the schedule is announced. So obvious changes going on for 2018...... ... more »