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The Ranger is a 4 stroke, it can be used on pingers for a single very short burst as long as there's some residual lube oil in the bottom end (don't try it on a brand new motor). Diesels, on the other hand, are a big no-no. Agreed on the ventilation.

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I've always said SX was like going to the circus to see the animals, outdoor MX is like going on safari.

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Easy way to test if the issue is due to no fuel- spray engine start in the carb throat. If it runs for a moment, you're missing fuel.

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Agree 100% with the lack of playbikes in the KTM lineup. Maybe GasGas will take up the slack there, given that it's a "non-premium" brand with the emphasis on fun instead of "ready to race"?

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So after reading this whole thread I'm still a bit confused on what is the best pv combo. I bought four yzx washers and a yzx spring to go on my 04 YZ250 project, but am now wondering what combo will give me the broadest, smoothest power delivery. While ... more »

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Not for quite some time. They're based on a Rotax 1190cc engine. Liquid cooled, 72 degree v-twin making 185 hp.

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Nope, don't see the electrical items. Likely e-bay'd them a few years ago.

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Hopefully you have better luck with the Polisport plastic than we have with my son's 03 CR250. While the bike looks amazing, that damn fender smacks the front tire like there's no tomorrow. Both the front and back of the fender show tire marks, and you ... more »

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Correct. The 06+ connector is further up the frame, away from the stator. I discovered that when chasing a bog issue on my son's 05. Pretty sure I still have a stator and/or coil from that adventure. I'll look when returning from the track.

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That's a really beautiful bike. Hopefully it rides well too. Great job.

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38 AS fits the 2003 OEM manifold just fine- this exact combo is sitting in my garage as I type this out.

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Agreed. I've tried both Redline Shockproof Lightweight gear oil and some off the shelf 5W40. No change. I ordered a new master, slave, crush washers, pushrod, and throw-out bearing. So the only thing I'm not replacing is the line. My plan is to install ... more »

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Random thoughts- 2 might be a little early... Grandparents are going to be grandparents. Uncles will be uncles.

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If you can swing the Z06 then it's a no-brainer. Drop a healthy cam in there, get it tuned and it'll make gobs of power. 7.0 with a dry sump, ti rods, etc. Can't discount the lower weight either! GM spent millions making these cars amazing, only the ... more »

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Unfortunately, the piston is only available from KTM with the new slave cylinder. They're really proud of the plastic piston in the master, it retails for $60! I'm thinking that once I have the new parts, I can figure out what is actually wrong, fix ... more »

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Boomslang- I'm convinced God made teenagers a pain in the ass on purpose. That way when it's time for them to leave it won't be nearly as difficult on the parents.

Seriously though, your statement "The stress and anxiety has been killing me ... more »
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Plates start with a friction, go to a steel with the sharp edge out, then alternate and finish with a friction. FWYT- my friend had an issue with over-tightening a hub on a 450 Katoom causing drag, so I was careful to make sure it spun freely before ... more »

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If you end up swapping heads you might as well pull the engine and add some ring gap. A bit more labor, but no real cost involved. That way you can run the giggle gas and with the right tune the motor will last much longer (plus you can safely up the ... more »

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LS2 are cathedral port, LS3 is rectangular port. While you can make big power with the former, the rec port heads will flow really big numbers without any port work needed. Add a healthy cam, valve springs, a good dyno tune and possibly exhaust and you ... more »

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Not a mark on it. Looks great. FWYT- I tried that, and also tried completely removing the slave and alternating pushing the piston in by hand, pumping the lever, drawing fluid in with the syringe and then pushing it back with the syringe. If the lever ... more »