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I picked up some mold-able Radians ear plugs for riding. NRR of 26, they're cheap and easy to use. I found that riding with the ear plugs is much more comfortable than without. Given my already heavily deteriorated hearing abilities, my wife appreciates ... more »

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Look for closeout deals online and at your local dealership for gear (along with a good, used bike). Used gear, except the helmet in most cases, can often be found on Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo and Facebook Marketplace for pennies on the dollar compared ... more »

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Central Ca. Except for a hundred or so gallons of water being sloshed out of the pool, no effect for me. If CA gets hit by a big one, it's going to be ugly. This state is anything but prepared for a real disaster.

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On PW50's?

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Great advice from all. I get some dry ice from the local supermarket and set the bearings in there before dropping them into the heated case halves. -109F shrinks the metal a little more than a freezer set around 10F.

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As long as it hasn't contacted other items (swingarm, knuckle, shock body, etc) then it'll be fine.

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You're using strong bait, but I think your cast ran a bit short.

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Pretty sure the $40,000 shown at the 6:30 mark on Cooper's pit board indicates his win bonus of 40K Given the secretive nature of MX, it's interesting to get a small glimpse into the current financial side of it.

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Fox Podium RC3 shock fits linkage KTM's that are 2015 and newer. P/N 997-26-029 $400 + shipping (However, the 2016 250 SX two stroke uses a different shock). Shock is in great shape and was recently serviced. I ended up with it while buying a set of

... more »

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Then it's likely the spacer or bearings has rusted to the bolt. You need a bigger hammer.

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You like the profile of the OEM 19 KX450 brake lever? Funny, it's squared off feel is the only thing about my friend's 19 KX450 I dislike. Otherwise it's a great bike.

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Props to Hotwhls for quickly shipping exactly what was advertised. Thank you.

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I used them for years when my son was racing RM85's. They're higher capacity than the OEM rads and use much thicker aluminum. However, they somehow sourced out aluminum that's only slightly harder to bend than a sheet of paper, some really soft material ... more »

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I have an OEM 03 CR250 crank that was pulled out of a good bike when I parted it out. No play in the bearing. $50 + shipping?

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PM sent

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After the first time it's not too bad removing it using this method: That said, seems like a reasonable excuse to buy an aftermarket exhaust...

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PM sent.

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5. Shrouds that cover the tank like almost every other bike in the last decade.

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We were going so much slower and didn't come off the ground anywhere near as much as we do today. My dad's 75 MX250 would likely have bent the forks on a 4' drop off. I remember launching over a couple apple trees on my 80 RM400 and everyone being amazed ... more »