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My son had a set on his 350, really liked them. Plush with good bottoming resistance. At 130 pounds he's really sensitive to how a bike feels on stutter bumps (not enough lead in his ass to keep the bike planted!). He said they weren't amazing, but were ... more »

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This ^ The only thing insurance companies fear more than bad publicity is bad publicity combined with the insurance commission getting involved. They better have a signed contract or a recorded conversation from you stating you wanted the policy terminated... ... more »

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Prayers sent your way. The big C sucks, but can be beaten.

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So if I can find a tree that's grafted like the one in the picture, that counts as two trees from a pollination perspective? Just making sure I read that correctly.

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So can I buy or plant something like a Cameo apple tree in the CA central valley and have it grow properly, or is this area too hot for apples? We're going to redo the back yard, and I figure if I'm paying to water a bunch of plants, I'd rather get something ... more »

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My buddy picked up a Suzuki LTZ400 quad for his girlfriend, ran great until one day he found it would only run for about 2 minutes and then die. Wait 10 minutes or so and it was good to go- for another minute. Go through the usual suspects- carb, check ... more »

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If you changed the oil religiously and used 5/30 instead of 5/20, the cam phasers were usually bulletproof. With the exception of the full retard plug design, it was actually a very long-lived engine.

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Sears Point, 1980. At 9 years old, I really liked riding my Mini Enduro, but I didn't know a damn thing about dirtbikes. During the first 125 moto, I decided I liked the red bikes and not the yellow ones. So whenever the leader on the yellow bike would ... more »

Started new thread 2001 WR250F frame with title (green sticker!) $50 5/20/2020 12:30 PM

If you want a green sticker for your 2003, 2004, or 2005 WR250, here's your chance. I parted out a this WR250 and have the frame, seat, aluminum engine guards, and the U shaped pull-rod left over. $50 and it's yours.

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Just sold a 03 KX125 for that. Admittedly it was very nice- painted frame, new tires, plastic, seat cover, all bearings, grips, levers, cables, etc, etc. Upgraded brake, Rad Valve. Rebuilt shock and forks. Frankly I could have gotten more for it, had ... more »

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I'm going to assume that's a pre 99 YZ250. Here are a couple pictures from a 04 (99+ is the same), maybe it helps. If it is a 99+, upgrade to the newest shift stopper with a solid roller to avoid the bearing equipped one from ever coming apart and grenading

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Doesn't work with windshields, but works amazingly well on the rest of the windows.

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05/06 had a different stator and CDI. The difference was the length of the wires, so the connector ended up being positioned higher up on the 07+ bikes.

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Are you in Fresno or the PNW?

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You may find more answers posting this in the Old School Moto section.

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I buy and sell dirtbikes all the time, but have discovered that far more costly vehicles are an issue. I'm currently trying to sell my wife's loaded Durango with little success; I think it's because people don't have 20K in the bank to buy from a private ... more »

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While re-aligning the fender, get that front brake line inside the guard. Great looking scooter, btw.

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Maybe his wife is bitching and he's like "Babe- I've got it up for sale, don't know why no one won't buy it."

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Man, you put a lot more work into that thing than most guys would even consider! Props to you.

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I have 2 cylinders stock bore size. Bore one of them out? One has been sleeved and ported, the other is stock. Also have a power valve setup. If interested shoot me a PM, make an offer.

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