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You want about half that distance, throw a zip-tie on there to make it easier to measure after each moto. When you're doing your initial setup, there's a bit of playing around with the pressure and clickers. No different than a spring fork, save for ... more »

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Keep reducing the air pressure until your travel marker (o-ring, zip-tie) shows you're using all but about 1" of travel. I'm 155lbs and on my 17 350 have ended up at 125PSI. This, combined with a revalve makes the forks quite usable. Being realistic ... more »

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03 KXs did not have a high-speed compression adjuster, only low-speed. While not the end of the world, it's worth replacing if you're going all-out on the suspension. I'd be replacing the forks and the shock, but that's just me.

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I think it was an interview with Grant Langston, he said one of his factory bikes used an electronic PV for consistency. Centrifugal ones vary slightly based on engine temp, oil thickness, spring tension, etc. Could be wrong on it being a GL interview, ... more »

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A bad TPS can cause all sorts of mayhem on today's bikes...

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That's exactly what went through my mind. "Christmas sale- 23.67% off everything in stock"...

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On my carb bikes I drain the tank any time I won't be riding the following day. While washing it I'll lay it on it's side and let the fuel in the carb drain on the concrete. I do this even though I'm running non-ethanol 100LL. The bike can sit for months, ... more »

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That, and Suzuki is still selling 2018 RMZs branded as 2022 models. Seems like a logical competitor to that.

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Too bad we're not closer, my 04 YZ250 and my son's 03 CR250 could be added to the shootout.

... more »
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Based on many of the posts I've seen from you, I suspect it wouldn't take long and you'd know everything about the AK's timing/venting/barrels/spacing/blah/blah/blah. If your business sense is half as good as your logical thinking, then yeah, you should ... more »

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Pressure washer, simple green. Afterwards I used silicone spray to bring back the black color. I suspect a good "bumper black" type coating would work really well, I know the Cerakote trim coat works really well. If yours still doesn't look black after ... more »

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I just cleaned up the one that was on the bike. Aren't they the same part number for several years? I would think one from Ebay could be properly cleaned up too.

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Good grief, that's one sano setup! Well done.

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If you're not limited to bolt action, an AR-10 in 6.5 Creed would make for a fine multi purpose rifle.

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Stock 04 airbox.

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Well, better late than never. I've been slowly going through the garage projects, and the YZ is pretty close to done. Chassis- PC gloss black Applied upper clamp, OEM lower, both polished. 2008 YZ450 forks, with the full Race Tech treatment done by Over

... more »
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Very cool bike. I remember talking to you about a year ago at DT-1 in Tulare, the 4V head is super trick. I'll have to hit you up as I dive into my TTR125 project bike, trying to figure out it's issues.

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I think you'd have to be right, though I can't seem to figure out how. I put it back together after the original post and it's fine. A real head scratcher. Thanks for the ideas guys. PNW- the 99-01 models had a thicker kick shaft. The 02+ can break with ... more »

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So I'm finally finishing up my 04 YZ250 build. Get it started and after a minute, I hear this "whirring" sound, coming from the bottom end. I just replaced every single bearing in the motor, but didn't have the crank rebuilt. Just to see if I could isolate

... more »

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The Husky is a bit homely looking, but the "softer" setup is better for the majority of riders. High-end riders might be better off with the more rigid and precise KTM.