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Price. Everything else except stolen goods can be worked around. Sometimes a horrible ad and idiotic seller can work to your advantage since no one else will call and/or deal with them. If you're the only one that calls it makes it much easier to use ... more »

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Don't forget about the TTR110. It's a great bike, just like the CRF and KLX 110. A buddy of mine beats the crap out of his, often riding around with 3 people. Damn thing just takes the abuse like a masochist.

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Very cool!! That is exactly what I want to end up with once I'm healed up and back riding again. Fell in love with my son's 350 and want a matching small bore pinger to rip up too.

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South Korea.

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RM85 wheels bolt right up if you use the YZ spacers. The 05+ RM rear disk was a larger diameter, while the earlier ones were the same size as the YZ's.

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This was my CR500 ad from last year: The Beast is available. Better than any purple pill, the Honda CR500 is like a testosterone injection for anyone that owns one. Able to smoke 450's with a twist of the throttle, it laughs at cliff climbs like a Navy ... more »

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Literally laughed out

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The seatcover will look great when you're done. What are you doing to get the 08 shock to properly fit a 91 chassis?

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Likewise. I usually buy my pants/jersey/gloves based on what closeout has the highest percentage of discount. That means I'm buying top tier three year old pant designs that originally retailed for $179.99 for $24.99 instead of the lowest tier current ... more »

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If it sat for years with pump gas in the tank, it may have "gelled" or attacked the fuel pump and/or filter. While the OEM pump assemblies are stupid expensive, they can usually be taken apart to just replace the pump and filter.

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There's still racing on natural terrain, it's just called off-road instead of motocross.

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Nice FD. Your YZ is already a nice looking bike. Some clean graphics will finish it right up.

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Twice in 2015 he garnered a third place. He would have also had another third at the Phoenix round but broke his foot without crashing and ended up in 4th.

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Ad for a TTR125. Pictures of a YZ250 and TTR110. Naw, not a scam.

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I remember the last gen KX250's sometimes needed the air gap between the flywheel and pickup to be set properly. Don't recall the specifics, but a search should get you going.

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If you want new, try a Rad Valve from Boyesen. RAD-11J fits the 03 KX125 for about $180.

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If there were better commercially viable solutions for our helmets than EPS, then someone would use it. No different than when 6D came up with their revolutionary design, it spurred competition. You think Fox, Bell, 6D, etc wouldn't jump at the chance ... more »

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I think the 450SX had a shorter shifter; remember reading (MXA?) that on the 450 they would install a 250 shift lever for it's additional length. The reverse would hold true for you.

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"The combustion chamber volume is reduced by 6.65cc, which increases the compression ratio from 12.8:1 to 13:1. You might be thinking that this is now a 444cc machine, but they also increased the con rod length by 1.5 mm."

That's not how displacement is measured or achieved. It's bore x stroke. Combustion chamber size and con rod length have absolutely nothing to do with it. Milling out a combustion chamber doesn't increase displacement, but increasing the bore size or lengthening the throw length on the crank will.

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You and Jeff Walker both mention needing to top off the CRF's coolant and are looking for a solution. If it's not overheating, just add an overflow bottle. As it cools off the coolant will automatically be drawn back into the radiator. Maybe the CRF450L ... more »