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This ^

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Could you use a tiny on demand pump to move fuel to the main tank once it gets low enough?

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Don't pass up a good CR or RM 250. The RM's have the hardest hitting power of the three, but their ability to carve a corner is excellent. The 02+ CR250's have arguably the best chassis and have a milder feeling powerband with lots of top-end pull when ... more »

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I did try it. The visor is very flexible and the video looked a bit like I was having a seizure while riding. Also, with the camera out that far the weight was very noticeable. I also tried using one of the mouth straps and it didn't work either. Eventually ... more »

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I might have some case parts from an 02, are you looking for the right side center case, the clutch cover, or the case that's between the two (which houses the water pump)?

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I have a Subverter which I like. Lightweight, comfy, crazy amount of ventilation (like finding dirt in your hair from so much venting). Well made too. Couple of things I don't care for: 1: no decent place to mount a GoPro. 2: zero customer service. I ... more »

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Used this one on my 4" lifted Dodge with 35" tires: I currently use it on my 2 wheel drive Chevy. The extra width is simply awesome at the end of a long riding day, and it's actually ... more »

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Don't do a sleeve, either roll the dice on a used cylinder or have yours re-nicasiled. Sleeves were great- in 1970.

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Check your clutch. My friend chased an overheating issue for quite some time on his 250F, it ended up being plates and springs that were slipping just enough to create lots of heat, but not enough to be really noticeable from a power perspective.

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Interesting. My welding, drumming, painting and hand writing skills all suck. Heavily biased right handed.

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They fit a round head better than a long one. I bought one and could feel the forward-most disk pressing into my forehead. Fortunately a friend of mine has a more rounded noggin and loves it.

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You and I are the same size, and my son is 5'5" @ 130lbs. Neither of us have ever lowered any of our bikes. If you're trail riding a lower seat is a nice thing to have, as is the e-start when stalling the bike on a hillside.

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I adapted a complete 03 CR250 front end on my 89. Needed the All Balls conversion headset bearings and it bolted right up. Modified stops would have been next had I kept it.

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Try- red frame, blue seat, white ATK tank graphic with blue outline, and the front fender sticker.

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Completely avoided the 250 class and it's controversy. While I can't blame him, it would have been interesting to get Bubba's take.

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As the topic states, I'm wondering which would last longer against rock chips- powder coating or nickle plating? Going to start my 04 YZ250 build soon, and am thinking of using one or the other for the swingarm.

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Congrats Slip. A few KX65 tips I typed out a few years ago:,42/Lowering-KX65,1315073 Great little bikes!!

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Been using RXR for years, very happy with the quality. My son ran the old style, and I've been using the Bullet for about 2 years (the Bullet is much better than the original style). I have the arm guards, but have never used them.

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My son compression fractured T6, T8 and T9. 3-4 months later he was back to a normal, super active life. Back brace for a few weeks, then took it easy for several more. Admittedly he was a 15 year old in phenomenal shape, but excepting a longer time ... more »

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99 today's engine debut. 02 new plastic, smaller kick start shaft. 05 first year of aluminum frame. 06 first year of SSS forks. From 06 onward there were only really minor changes. 14 new airbox and tiny rear number plates. Frankly, for woods use darn ... more »