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Max of 1 minute. Yawn. Someone has got to put out 35 one minute videos, then let the internet stitch them together.

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If he'd just mentioned the tilted back head it could be sarcasm. But the airbox design is atrocious, so I suspect he's serious about both.

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Instead of bending your spine to reach forward, you bend at the hips and keep your back straight. Find virtually any picture of Stewart and he looks about like there's a pole duct-taped to his back- all his bending was done at the hips and not his spine. ... more »

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Great short video. Really interesting that it says it made between 36 and 38 HP. It took about 20 more years for the production bikes to hit that number.

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03 was a completely redesigned bike. I suspect you're on your own when it comes to adapting newer style plastic.

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DT1 makes an aluminum filter cage, they were used on the Factory Yamaha's and others during the 2010-2017 models. That cage and with their Superseal filters you aren't getting any dirt past the filter. I have this exact setup on my 2013 YZ450 and regardless ... more »

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Raced on Sunday. Great times even at my slow pace! Looking forward to riding this Sunday.

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A huge part of the selling problem is the limited number of people that want your specific bike, are in a close enough area to access your ad, are willing to spend the upfront cash, and that have the cash on hand to spend. As opposed to the number of ... more »

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100LL and Super M at 32:1 Everything from KTM50's to CR500's. When properly jetted there is no spooge and no PV buildup. Towards the end of my son's time on 85's I also tried K2 for even more protection, but he was absolutely running the snot out of ... more »

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Nope. Page VIII and IX in his book. Bogged over a double.

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Weege. For color Emig, GL, Alessi, Windham, Kevin Kelly, Ping, D Bailey, Rick Johnson and others could all do well. Mercedes Gonzalez, because wow.

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CL, FB, OfferUp and LetGo. Overall the buyer to flake ratio is a little better on FB, I suspect since they're real name and profile are right there for you to see in most cases. That said, increasing the overall audience size increases the potential ... more »

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Currently have Airbrakes, Flow Vision, and EKS. The Oakley's are really nice but really have a tendency to fog up in cold conditions. The EKS are very simple and have excellent, very soft material that rests on the face. For the money the Flow Vision ... more »

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10/40 will be fine. Two stroke transmissions aren't all that finicky. ATF, 15/50, and even PTO fluid will work just fine. You are lubricating bearings, dealing with a wet clutch, and the shear on the gears, but have no combustion related stuff to deal ... more »

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No, in NC. Rumor has it that CR is moving there.

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Quote of the week. ... more »
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In high humidity areas the concrete can increase the level of condensation inside the can. If you're in a low humidity area it's not an issue. I could probably leave mine inside a concrete bunker and there would be no condensation- but it's about as ... more »

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I just use the orange foam ones. Cheap and effective.

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Bang for the buck I don't think you can beat 100LL. Readily available at any local airport, it's consistent year-round, has no alcohol, lasts for years in a sealed container (old race fuel jugs work great), and is reasonably priced. If nothing else, ... more »

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That sounds interesting, could you post up a couple pictures?