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Did you torque the head nut in a cross pattern and step up the torque 3 times per the manual? The order I torqued my head nuts are in this order: 1. Intake Right 2. Exhaust Left 3. Intake Left 4. Exhaust Right Three torque steps are as follows – be sure ... more »

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Easy answer – it should probably be replaced. Is this totally necessary – probably not. Now before I get hated on for this answer, let’s think about things from an engineering standpoint for a minute. The steel plates make contact around 252 time with ... more »

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To give everyone any update, a lot of your comments were consistent with my suspicions so I split the cases last night and found a good amount of metal flakes in the crankcase. The pic below shows the metal, which look like little white flakes in the

... more »
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As mentioned above, I think a compression test would be a good idea but since you're already there, pull the cylinder and see what you have going on. How's the piston skirt wear? Cross hatching? You can pull your compression ring off the piston and put ... more »

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Hi all, So I’m having an engine noise issue with my 2001 RM125 and hopefully you guys can provide some guidance. In the video, you’ll hear an underlying clanking that is consistent with the RPM’s and a strange noise as the bike winds down from being ... more »

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RM125 Noise Issue

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Sure thing. Post what you find, I'm curious to see how the well the ’12 era bikes hold up. $800 all-in sounds reasonable I guess, the bottom end kits from Wiseco aren’t very expensive though. $200 will get you the main bearings, new crank, rod, seals, ... more »

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Hey man, I see your concern and yes, the easy answer would be to just rebuild the bottom end but his question was what's the biggest bang for his buck. Engineers specify tolerances for a reason so the biggest bang for your buck would be to check those ... more »

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My 2016 350SX-F looked like that as well but I thought it would be good to give it a quick hone so I did. I would assume that after that many hours, you would still have a small glazing layer that isn’t visible with the naked eye but could affect oil ... more »

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I think it’s important to consider your skill level and how you’re riding the bike. Are you putting around in your backyard or are you a lap time hero at your local track? If you just cruise around then your bottom end is probably fine but if you’re ... more »

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'16 350 SXF