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Here are a few pics from RedRocks 2015....Last VH concert there. YES all MINE!. upfront and center Baby!.

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"Interstellar travel and sending probes to the next closest planet and nearby asteroids are not even remotely comparable . At the speeds required for living beings to travel between stars , a bit of dust can take you out . The aliens somehow figured ... more »

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That definition pretty much sums us up. We have put earth made objects on speeding asteroids and Mars but still blow shit up on take off and reentry

"Smart/dumb"?, "Failure is the birth of invention"
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First off; Cali is corrupt (We all know that). 1)." who’s moved out of CA recently " My sister and her Family because of the "Over TAX" rate against small businesses 2). " where did you go?" They left CALI ASAP to Colorado. May be moving again if Polis ... more »

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"These are Equator people, Give'em July"

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Yep, great shirt. not many will get it but MX nation will.

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Damn RIGHT Void! Remember trying to get you out here to Red-Rocks few years ago. You and GREEN were on board but couldn't make it work. Life suxs getting old Eddie was a Pioneer/Virtuoso in the six string that many followed

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Exactly...Ron Lechien said he got pumped before races listening to "JUMP".

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^^^Just seen this, you know what I mean Scottie

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Heard this today going to work, I'm 57 and Listening/ Going to VH concerts were our thing. Been to 5 of them and being to their last in RedRocks was good times. The best was at PINE KNOB in Detroit. Audience was pumped, Band was feeling it, It was Rockin. ... more »

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BOOM! Don't hold much truth to TMZ but more then NewYork fake times and Daley mail. Hope this is truth. Waiting for honest bias reporting from OAN

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yes it is

New thread Have extra wrist band. LAKEWOOD MX 10/3/2020 10:24 AM

anybody close by that needs a ticket to today MX I have a wristband. Free. I can meet ya at the entrance

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Frank Shepansky Jeff Spreeman Troy Stoll Seen Frank running third at Red-Bud one year, had to pull off because of a flat tire....Think the same thing happened in moto 2? maybe someone can get on here and clear that up

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On our way up!

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Should add a Pay to Play Political section. Vital would make Bank.

New thread Need two Tixs for Lakewood 9/29/2020 1:51 AM

Hi all, If you bought TIXS to Lakewood and for some reason couple folks can't go. I can relieve you of those TIXS Let me know MX Brothers

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Did the same thing in 98, Loaded up my three girls me and the wife moved from Ohio to Colorado. Took Balls but we made it happen. no regrets.