About Me

I'm old school so this will probably go way left.
My neighborhood was all about Baseball, football on our corner empty lot. Even when the Olympics were playing we made a High jump with a sand landing...LMAO.
It was all about getting outside very early on.
I made money like any Kid in the hood. Delivering Papers, raking yards, pulling weeds. shoveling snow.....ECT
Was one of 6 in my step Family making my way. Bought my first boots at age 12 so I could shovel snow in comfort.

It was on! discovered how making yourself better for the job it was much easier. By age 14 I was driving to work No licence(GOD BLESS AMERICA! FUK the DEMS!) by a car I bought for 500 bucks. After nailing down enough credits to Graduate in my JR year I worked to save$$$$$.
I entered the ARMY because at the time they gave 100% to your 4 year degree. (bachelor's degree).
After the Army I was very into MX at age 23, I got 8th my first moto.
I was hooked! I became a pro a the ripe old age of 28. Backed by my friends at Klotz racing I tried my best but age and Family got in the way
I am Happy where I'm at teaching Students about custom Masonry. It lasts far beyond our lives here on Earth and I'm OK with that.