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I’m actually considering selling/trading my ‘17 RMZ250 to get a 125. I rode one at a demo day and I was grinning from cheek pad to cheek pad. Felt like such a hero with it wide open in a turn!

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Damn near looks like the 85 cylinder could fit inside the 500 lol

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Is it just me or does it look like the top of the visor slides into the top of the helmet below the fox logo? It is sad to see Kenny and even Reed finish the race with no visor. Im sure fox would love a redo on the magnetic visor.

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Couldn't have said it any better...It really bums me out when people say the RMZ sucks. I love my 250F, turns like a damn jet fighter

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE VonZippers. I have multiple pairs of the Porkchop, however I am pretty sad to see them leaving the motocross market. But those fit me so good, looked great and handled sweat like a champ, sad to see them go. I think I will end up trying ... more »

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Im really trying to see the point of the 250s shouldn't be able to clear it, but I really don't understand the logic/ reasoning behind that point. As someone who rides a 250F, I really respect those dude being able to do 95% of what the 450s can do. ... more »

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I would love nothing more...what would be better is if the tv cameras had him and his entourage on screen and Ralph and Ricky had to give their 2 cents.....

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That Louis Vuitton seat is freaking dope. Such a nice bike, if I had 6k burning a hole in my pocket id be all in for this...

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just curious 2 questions, why do you feel you need this work done? and what do you mean by bulletproof? more durable? able to handle more power?

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I like AJ but i have to politely disagree. Buttery make some cool videos and content, and wasnt AJ saying how does Buttery have so many fans with so little skill compared to Cue or Axell? Ill say this buttery is a hell of alot faster than ill ever be. ... more »

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You can also throw VonZipper into this as well. Ive heard they are getting out of the MX sector and as someone who loves thier products and has nothing but great experiences with them, its kinda sad to see them go too. Not sure what their time frame ... more »

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looks like the sprocket bolts might be loose...

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Ive wanted to rebuild my RMZ250 but just dont feel comfortable busting into it. Any good literature or videos yall would recommend to rebuild a top end or even a total rebuild??

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Im gonna disagree with you there on "every kid wants a bike". My daughter and a good number, not all but a good amount of my riding buddies who have kids have zero interest in riding bikes. They have more interest in other sports, like tennis or hockey, ... more »

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i dont see kawi signing him to a 450 ride, i bet they are holding that spot for AC when his time is up in the lites class

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yeah dont its bad like i turned it off after 10 seconds

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Yeah just get you some maxima filter oil. Not worth taking a chance on something like that.

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I had a ‘13 350sxf that I set up for single track racing like GNCC and I loved it! Even today there seems to be a lot of them that line up at events I go too. I had a rekluse clutch and oversized tank and went to an 18in wheel, never really did hard ... more »

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If you look closely there is a filter in the stock filter box, i believe like you said, just a ram air hybrid setup. My guess is, that ram air leads behind the cylinder head and then would channel into the top/sides of the air box only to then pass through ... more »

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Looks like a bad attempt at trying to hide your fleshlight from your parents.....