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Maybe Ty Davis because he got to compete against so many of my icons. Imagine racing competitively against Jeremy McGrath, Scott Summer, Danny Hammel, Destry Abbott, and many many more all in one career. Pretty insane.

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Seems like the closest competition are all missing a piece they need to stay close to the Lawrence brothers. Mosiman and RJ could have a decent shot with less crashes/mistakes, JCoop with more 2nd half moto speed, Jo with more 1st half moto speed. Lawrence’s ... more »

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Ah yes. Let’s not pay the guy who won 9 world championships, is globally beloved, and is the top performing rider on our team any money to continue racing in the USA. Excellent.

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... more »
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It’d be hard to argue the Kawi doesn’t work better for Jason specifically. When he kicks out the rear on that thing railing around corners the bike still looks so planted and totally comfortable, just like it did with RV. I really just think he’s a good ... more »

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Honestly I just want to see Pings bike reviews. I really respect his opinions about bike setup, reviews, technique, etc. The more controversial stuff and opinions on state of the sport/world I kind of take his opinion in the same way I take Rynos (not ... more »

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I’m way too young to know much shit about Broc or what he’s done in racing outside of the basics but I have to say I really enjoyed him in the booth. It’s cool to see a guy that raced that long ago have points and experience that are so relevant to racing ... more »

Added reply in a thread JoShow 6/5/2022 9:05 AM

Glad he’s finally getting some of the recognition he deserves, most underrated rider in the last 2 years Imo. Broc probably hyped him up over the Hangtown broadcast more than all the other announcers combined over the last couple seasons, super cool. ... more »

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2014 KTM 300SX

I love this bike. It’s a 300SX that I got from an old Endurocross team. I really like that it doesn’t have typical 300 characteristics and it just feels like a faster 250 with the same power spread and 5 speed gear box. Cone ... more »
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A rider could stab his championship rival on the gate when the 30 second board goes up and there’d still be people on Vital saying “Well that’s racing you crybabys need to stop being such pussies he should’ve expected it and stabbed him back like I would’ve ... more »

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I liked Kurt Busch better

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I believe our strongest instinct as humans outside of finding food and reproducing is tribalism and almost all people/companies in power use that to their advantage. We naturally want to belong to “x group” and hate “y group”. Everything from “I like ... more »

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My local fish store has one in a massive 800 gallon tank, he’s their mascot lol. They have these massive front teeth so you have to feed them like crustaceans and clams or whatever is hard to bite through to file down their teeth and keep them sharp. ... more »

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I’ve heard nothing but good things about the 144 over the years. 150s and 300s that aren’t just 125/250s that are flat on top with more bottom but rather faster versions of 125/250s with the same power spread are some of the most fun bikes you can ride. ... more »

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It’s insane, not really in a great way imo. Sand whoops for entire track, crazy start, dusty, etc. if you want a cooler racing experience there is a double header race weekend that pays points for the NMA off-road series around the same time of year ... more »

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BBMX? Cool they named the team in honor of their great partnership with their most successful rider, class acts.

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I was watching the Bel Air remake (figured I’d do something with Peacock other than SX lol) and then my friend texted me about this as it happened lmao, felt surreal. I really don’t know anything about either of them and the closest thing I’ve heard ... more »

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Bringing this back up as I keep meeting people that ride (mostly street) in the aquarium hobby lol. Also a lot of people into fitness/lifting. Wonder why that is? I know that for me, the balance of my two hobbies being motorcycles and aquariums has been

... more »
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Kind of a hard dude to be a fan of. Just watched the SML How Was Your Weekend video and he was like *complains* “I mean I’m not going to sit here and complain” *proceeds to complain*

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Reminded me exactly of Tomac taking out Deano on 250s. I believe it was in Seattle?