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Should have waited for '22 man I hear they are in the lab developing some next gen BNG. All jokes aside nice bike man!

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An interview with Davey Coombs always sticks out in my mind on this topic. I cannot remember which interview it was but I believe he said something to the effect of Alta's mistake being trying to build a brick wall from the top down, meaning starting ... more »

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Imagine not watching a sport you like because you think it is turning “woke” lmao. I feel bad for NASCAR, it’s pretty cool and I think it suffers from “GoPro effect” more than any sport on tv. Looks like nothing until you go to the track. I’d watch if ... more »

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Bro get him out there on that 2 stroke he rode at straight rhythm

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I used to get lapped by Darian Sanayei a lot too on 60s and 80s. A handful of races I’d finish 2nd on a full gate and still get lapped. As a kid I was sure he’d have a national championship, but he hasn’t done bad.

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100% this. Stuff feels really harsh when you are just riding around and to be honest majority of people would be better off just using stock. Can be difficult to find places that will work with them too outside of CA. I got cone valves/trax on my 14 ... more »

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Tommy Weeck

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Vince on Pulp tonight saying "I strongly believe I did nothing wrong" and "Barcia jumped into the back of me" lmao

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In modern SX, the ability to cleanly lap Vince Friese is as important to a top rider as the ability to nail a start or blitz a set of whoops

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Christian seems to have a tendency so start falling apart when things aren’t going his way. I remember Tristan Charbonaeu talking about Craig throwing a tantrum and excommunicating him after Tristan was faster at the practice track one day. It’s possible ... more »

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Anderson is my favourite racer in the 450 class but I really don’t see him winning this year with the way things are going.... I think DF14 and ZO16 will both grab a win by the end

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If you caught a glimpse of him in the last corner he was actually about to pass Mosiman. Likely would have had it if he wanted to get more aggressive or push him out. I’m impressed with him for sure.

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Justin Hill

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I think there had to have been some sort of incident right?? He was running 8th/9th the entire race and then last couple laps he drops to 15th and gets lapped? Can't be just tired.

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At the end of the SML How Was Your Weekend (Post A1) video I noticed Barcia mentioned something along the lines of the bikes being the best it's been since his factory Honda days ( @ 10:50). As a fan, it's obviously ... more »

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A couple recent ones of an enduro I decided to sign up for on my 500 lol

... more »
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I know he didn't win a lot but if you're looking into points standings at the end of the season I feel like Andrew Short should be in the conversation

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So I actually picked up one of these but the inner gears don't seem to be compatible with the OEM pieces and I can't find where I would buy the ProX gear so I was planning on returning it....