Added reply in a thread I heard they docked a guy $5K for being color-blind. He couldn't see a Blue Flag. 4/4/2017 9:25 AM

The $5000 goes to the medical crew, which is nice for them. I think in the future they should ban the rule violator one race for every lap he is in the way. In this case, three races for not moving out of the fast line. That would definitely make anyone ... more »

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Wow drugs sure have been hard on Ozzy. He looks a lot older than 24!

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Hey Dave, thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you think there is/was any PED use in MX/SX ? Not asking for names just your opinion. Who would you say was the most gifted rider you have worked with, and who was the easiest to work with? ... more »

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It's hard to believe that they wouldn't have made him an offer, but James said Kawi never made him an off either. It seems they thought they had James to take over from Ricky, and RV to take over from James.

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There was an interview with Ricky shortly after retirement, during the interview he said "a lot of people thought Jeff Stanton influenced me to leave Kawi and go to Honda, the truth is, Kawi never made me an offer." or something close to that.

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Maybe it's RC?... Kawasaki kicked him to the curb before Honda. I bet the guys that made those decisions were kicked to the curb shortly after...

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I would tell him to come look at the bike, pay you for it and you will drop it off asap. I would not go without money in hand first.

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Not everyone's riding style suits the KTM. I do think this is the best one they have ever made, and RD looks the best he ever has riding it. Hats off to KTM for all the hard work they have put into the bikes, and money they put into the sport.

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Colin Edwards school looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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I've seen some pics of Reed and the family flying private. Even an episode of "The Moto" showed him flying private. Now that he is the guy paying the bills does he still do it?

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This says a lot about RCH, Soaring Eagle and Suzuki. for sponsoring an event like this. Hopefully some TV time next year, and more promotion.

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Alessi is not a top 5 guy in the states with everyone there. He is not faster than RV,JS RD, TC, JB, KRoc, or ET. He will do vrey well in Canada though. Definitely a title contender for sure. As for the face palm... yes we all are doing that now.

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I saw an interview with Ricky and he stated that Kawi never made him an offer. He said people thought he left because he was influenced by Stanton, but that wasn't true.

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By saying "small for your size" it sounds like you are thinking the 250 is physically smaller, this is not the case.

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How can anyone not be a fan of JS. The guy rides like a boss, and never gives up. Remember the ride a couple years ago on the Yammie? He was doing the wall jump, had a big crash, fender bent up and still rode the wheels off it. It will be a sad day when ... more »

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Maybe to make it fair for everyone else RV should start with a 25 point deficit? And I'm being sarcastic. I get everyone wants a more exciting season, but RV has earned, and deserves the lead he has. I don't want anything to happen to any of the guys, ... more »

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I was hoping this thread would have been about Dianna D and Jenny oil wrestling....I'm very disappointed.

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Since he's keeping it in the house it should start with 2 kicks. I like that he's done with racing, but he'll race you if you think your bike is faster.

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WTF did I just listen to? I watched the video twice, once with sound, and again without, I liked it much better the second time.

Added reply in a thread I will eat my words.... 1/18/2014 10:39 PM

Same here, I did not expect that from Chad. He would not be denied tonight, happy to see him riding like a boss again. I haven't seen him ride like that since the night he got hurt chasing down RV.