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How is that little YZ85 hauling you around like

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I'm heading down to Three Palms at the end of the month. If your going to be there I'd be happy to help you with "clearing" the jumps. I'm not sure about the "throwing a whip" thing though. Your size will not keep you from riding well. Its all in your ... more »

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Seems like a real fine young man. I hope you guys can continue to moto together.

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Good for you guys. I was at that race with my son. He raced with your boy. I think maybe he was the young man they interviewed over the PA that day? Either way, its good to be at the races with your son just to have fun.

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Did Holley just call out most of the Vital posters?

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It is a faulty balancer gear on the crank. Only a limited number of bikes have the bad gear. You can check your VIN # for verification. It is an easy fix. A couple of new gears on the clutch side and some gaskets and retainers and your done.Don't blow ... more »

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I think Paulin is being overshadowed by Cairoli's greatness. I will not be surprised if he wins his share of races. He looks incredible.

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RJ came out to the olympic training center here in Colorado Springs to rehab that injury. He raced in a local supercross event I promoted to see how he was coming along. He won.

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I broke mine after my rookie national season (1983). I tried to ride Saddleback in a cast the next season and then rode Hangtown and called it quits. I guess you could say it ended my "career".

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Pretty sure Webb saw the video right before he did his interview.

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Congrats Josh!!! My little girl is 24.

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It looked to me that he watched the replay a couple of times, seconds before his interview. He was shaking his head and upset. I think last week and this weeks incidents were just racing. Seems to me Webb can dish it out, but can't take it.

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That oil doesn't look like it was ever run.

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I'm told matching gear is dorky. Haha, just kidding ky_savage.

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The little girl kickin it is Savanna Bannister, from the infamous Bannister moto family (Travis' niece).

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Erin, Adi, and Malcolm all went to Loretta's this past year! Imagine being their parents, trying to take care of three riders at the same time. Good job!

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Recent stats floating around with Chad having the most podiums.

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I was black flagged because the ref didn't think I belonged in the 40 year old practice session ( i was 50 at the time). However, I have been DQ'd, docked, yelled at (by officials and competitors) , taken out, flipped off, fought with, all for valid

... more »
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Your avatar is in direct conflict with you 1st