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Yes, it's the track you're thinking of that they built. It's not far from east bend at all. This place is only about 20 minutes north of downtown Winston Salem up highway 52.

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This is a new track in Ararat/Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The place is just getting opened and really fun with a ton of elevation change. I made a video of the track and figured I would show it here for anybody interested. The track is named Holeshot Motorsports ... more »

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I've honestly never seen Bowers race a pro motocross race. Not trying to take anything away from him because he is 10x faster than me, but can he even get a top 10 outdoors? I've only heard his name mentioned with AX and SX. Again, no hate towards him, ... more »

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Atlanta 2011 was pretty nuts. The loudest I've ever heard the stadium was when Reed and Stewart got into it. Everybody was on their feet and eatching those two battle.

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Honestly, it would be pretty pointless to have a supercross there since muddy creek is about 10 minutes from there. California seems to be the only exception of having SX and outdoor races real close to each other and that's because it's where all the

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That's just an excuse from the City of Charlotte then. I went to the ACC Championship game, and they had all of Mint St. blocked off beside the stadium and had a stage setup for some music and foot traffic. Also, there are plenty of large parking areas ... more »

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I know a lot more goes into it than just booking a location, but I'm surprised we haven't seen a supercross at BoA Stadium in Charlotte. Everytime I attend a Panthers game, I think about how perfect that place would be for an April round of SX. I go ... more »

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I forgot about Justin Summers. I remember reading about him in the MotoPlayground magazine when I was a kid. If I remember correctly, he had diabetes or something like that which I imagine is pretty difficult disease to have for riding motocross. Also, ... more »

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I see that they held a GNCC race at Camp Coker this past weekend and I have some memories of riding my 50cc's there back in the early 2000's. The place has been void of any type of dirt bike activity for years and it's cool to see some type of race there. ... more »

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XC2 Start

Cool to see some type of dirt bike race at Coker. I used to race motocross here when I was 5 and 6 years old. Hopefully they start the motocross track back up because I would love to ride that place on a big bike.

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Hello everybody! I've been a Vital Lurker for a few years now and have been around motocross my whole life and raced a lot when I was a kid. I started a Motocross/Motocross Gaming YouTube channel a few months ago and figured I would post it here for ... more »

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