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This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. It was for a championship, of course he's going to take him out.

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There's no "false sense of security" because Dungey is champion if he gets 4th or better. Dungey knows what he has to do, and I doubt that he even cares about how Tomac did in the heat.

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Anybody know if he's going to race outdoors? I know he's been riding and he did the 2stroke race at Glen Helen. I also see on instagram that he's sponsored by MSR, which is mainly gear for off-road, or at least focused on off road. I remember he was ... more »

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How is that place? The dirt looks good and the scenery as well, but some of the jumps look impossible. Some of those step down triples look like 180ft. I've never seen jumps that big, even at a national, so I'm just curious if they are that big in real ... more »

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Josh Hansen. I'm pretty sure he rode for JGR

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He'll always be the king of SX. It's like Richard Petty in NASCAR. Some people claim Earnhardt or Johnson to be better, but Petty will walkways be considered the king.

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I think there needs to be more races in bigger stadiums. I think a track like the MXGP race in Charlotte would be awesome for the Supercross series. Tired of all the same tracks and obstacles just placed in different stadiums.

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Man, it's sad what happened with North Wilkesboro Speedway. Just driving by that place on US-421, it's like that place is stuck in time. After the last NASCAR race that was held there, they pretty much just abandoned it. The old signage and billboards ... more »

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I've never seen so much hate and jealousy toward a dirt bike rider that we know very little about. Isn't there something better or more worthy to be hated on than a kid who rides a dirt bike for a living. Never would I have imagined a motocross forum ... more »

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He won a heat race at Daytona two weeks prior. A LCQ win is not his "new" peak. The dude was having fun riding his dirt bike

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Jordon did exactly what he was supposed to do on the start. He had a wheel up on the guys to the inside so he gets to choose where he goes. He's not going to back off and give Zach the position just because Osborne had a more inside gate pick. It's not ... more »

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So much anger in this thread, and so little brains being used! It looks like Craig had maybe 1-2 seconds to stop and turn after landing before hitting Martin. It's not as easy as it sounds, and anyone who has ridden before knows how hard it is, and how ... more »

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I'm not taking either side on this, but just looking at the crash, I have two possibilities IMO. First, it could have been an accident. It looks like Craig's single into the corner launched him further out and he just didn't have enough time to slow ... more »

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You know, it could very easily be Brett, because he rides a Honda and everything. This forum goes bonkers over any little thing and it's hilarious!

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I think you have to look at what skill level is coming to the track most often. Most riders fit into that beginner to intermediate range. There are some faster, expert vet riders, but those guys don't usually sky it out because they know that their body ... more »

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Does anybody remember that guy a few years ago who posted here talking about how he ran Unadilla? He was on some ragged out KTM running some hot wheels gear from way back in the day. There was even a picture of him out on the track on pro day.

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Why do people keep thinking that the AMA would want their Supercross series in an MXGP game? It's literally two separate motocross series. That's like if there was a game called "American Motocross Series The Game" and then had an MXGP game mode within ... more »

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Gator put, needs a gator pit

Added a comment about press release Jeremy Martin to Ride Ken Roczen's HRC Honda CRF450R at Daytona Supercross 3/1/2017 12:38 PM
Marcus Beasley

I would not be 1 bit surprised if he wins the thing. Since Daytona is an outdoor style track, I think Jeremy will do very well.

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Lol. I'm excited for any motocross game coming out soon! We have the possibility of 4 moto games coming out in the next two years! Usually it's about 1 a year at the most, so I think we're in a good place as far as motocross games go!