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I like the idea of it, but as you said, the liability would be huge. Pro riders get broken off badly riding Supercross, so if you threw 20 local track heros out there, you’d need all the ambulances from a 100 mile radius! I wouldn’t pay anything to ride ... more »

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Ronnie Mac could be anyone. We all know the normal Ronnie Mac is Albertson, but who knows, maybe Canard could be Ronnie for this race. I think “Ronnie Mac” this year might actually put up a fight, all depending on who “Ronnie Mac” really is this year. ... more »

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I think this is a great idea! Maybe hold the amateur classes before the pro classes, and then just have a really long broadcast. Finding a spot for the AMs would be the hardest thing to do.

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I really think most of the "circus" vibe Supercross gives off is because FELD wants it to be a circus. FELD owns monster jam, Disney on ice, Disney live, Sesame Street live, and they used to own the Ringling Bros Circus. Monster Jam is like a Motorsport ... more »

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meh, I thought it was really boring. I never enjoy watching riders crash and get hurt. The racing was very boring besides the superminis. I enjoy races like the 2011 Atlanta SX and the 2017 Vegas race. They try to make the monster cup seem important ... more »

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Barcia was always an odd one when it came to how comfortable and fast he looked. He always looked comfortable on a bike to me because he just has so much style and flicks the bike all around. He just looks like he's going so fast in practice, but in ... more »

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Why such anger and name calling over a few very vague clues on the internet about a game that nobody really knows about? Back to the tread topic. mx bikes is sort of cool, but doesn't really have much playability right now. The game just feels very far ... more »

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I just wanted to start a fun thread... and I didn't realize that a winning bonus for one race was 30-50K. I know the whole thing isn't realistic, and I understand these guys race for a living. The way I saw it is that he has already won the title, and ... more »

Started new thread I'd be sick for Osborne to ride a 125 this weekend! 8/22/2017 12:07 AM

I'm just dreaming! But I would be very interested to see how well he could do on one, because at this point, he has nothing to lose!

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Added reply in a thread JGR named Suzuki's factory effort 8/2/2017 4:57 PM

Congrats to JGR! Really cool to see them get this deal! Hopefully it's not a 1 and done type thing like it was at RCH

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I think he's 10th in points after muddy creek where he scored 0 points. But still, goes to show how though pro motocross is!

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I remember when he rode Supercross for factory KTM a few years ago. That whole thing didn't go to well, but he seems to do pretty solid outdoors, so I think a top 10 will be a great result for him

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Herlings rides a 450 in the MXGP class....

Added reply in a thread Dean Ferris at High Point 6/15/2017 1:10 PM

Easy pickings? Last time I checked Tomac went 4-0 against those GP guys last year and cooper Webb also beat Herlings straight up. There are a handful of "yanks" going faster or just as fast as Webb and Tomac at the moment. I think both series have some ... more »

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I think he's in a role like Nicolette was the past few years. He could be on JGR as a fill in when a rider is hurt. He might do some testing for JGR as well. Also heard in a video from the Suzuki Team Day that he got to ride the 2018 RMZ450. All this ... more »

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Here's the video that Stephen Nymberg made of Cooper Webb riding a 2-stroke at East Bend Tuesday night!,15677/GD2,43126

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Coke 600. The speedway is in Concord.

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Wow, the design is horrible. They can't even get the number done right, and the mini plate on the front is too small. The orange on the back it so floooooooo. What a bunch of clowns. The thing is, these goofs probably bought the VIP ticket just so they ... more »

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You can't stream it like that anymore. I used to do the same thing with my parents account. NBC has it set up to where you either watch it on TV with the cable box, or you buy the $50 gold pass to watch it on mobile or PC live with no commercials. I ... more »

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So, does Carlos just act as an extra mechanic and help where needed? I've always wondered what a mechanic does when a rider gets hurt or retires and nobody fills in on that bike.