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Reply to HELP!!!!!!Ktm sticking throttle 3/22/2019 4:26 PM

First time ever seen a bike with a stuck throttle was 40 year a go A ktm 400 it would have had a Bing carb on it First ktm I ever bought had the same problem and so had another rider I knew on his 250 I had the 125 Deloto carb fitted to them Last ktm ... more »

Reply to HELP!!!!!!Ktm sticking throttle 3/22/2019 3:17 PM

Would forget about racing on Sunday Would take bike to the race and plead with a rider that has a pre 2017 125 Ktm to give you a loan of his carb to put on your bike and start it up and see what happens I take it has the correct slide and needle in carb ... more »

Reply to Three winners on the same brand? 3/17/2019 3:33 AM

On the subject of steel frames Ktm has a weight advantage over the others How much lighter is there frame on the production bikes compared to the alloy frames of the Japs ?

Reply to HELP!!!!!!Ktm sticking throttle 3/12/2019 9:39 AM

As far as I am concerned it has nothing to do with the cable Could never get it sorted out Out of a matter of interest what year was your friends 250 sx when it happened ?

Reply to Maico question 3/4/2019 10:52 AM

There is a 1973 Maico for sale on ebay in Britain with a 490 top end on it Not sure how someone managed to get it to fit

Reply to Buyers remorse? 2/25/2019 12:31 PM

Son bought a 2011 cr125 and some of the best days I have had on a bike were when I was riding it Suspension is bad when stock but once revalved it is really good Back on track I hated my 1983 yz 490 Stuck with it for 6 month and managed to swap it for ... more »

Reply to Maico question 2/22/2019 2:11 PM

I never knew that MO used the single shock frame on the S1 models I thought that they came with new frames Would be no advantage in performance compared to the 1981 frame The reason that they were probably used would be that they would be easy to get ... more »

Reply to Suspension Help - Scotland , UK 2/12/2019 3:05 PM

Scott Gardiner at Planet Suspension near Linlithgow is your nearest His dad owns the practice track at Doune and Scott is at the track sometimes so hopefully he can give you more help at the track after watching you ride the track to get you set up Son ... more »

Reply to Any Skilled Tradesmen here I can ask some questions? 2/9/2019 8:31 AM

Have heard the saying of "You never get to meet a old welder"

Reply to 2007 cr250 2/2/2019 8:23 AM

A brand new one for sale in Scotland with no price You have to make him a large offer if you want him to part with it Would have no idea what to offer him for it

Reply to 2007 cr250 1/31/2019 8:02 AM

That is a very good price you got it for There is 1 for sale on ebay from Northern Ireland with 3 hours use from new and he is wanting £6500 for it

Reply to 250cc Maico Mikuni carb 1/28/2019 3:33 PM

40 minutes after my last post yesterday I was in the kitchen sink cupboard looking for something when I noticed a Bing carb away at the back of it Was surprized to say the least Thought it must have came off a 490 as it did not have a choke on it Put ... more »

Reply to 250cc Maico Mikuni carb 1/27/2019 5:34 AM

Thanks for the replies Bought a 250cc engine and it came with a brand new 38mm Mikuni Tried it on the bike and it was ok on the first 1/8th of the throttle then it was drowning with fuel with the 380 main jet it came with Was recommended that I try a ... more »

New thread 250cc Maico Mikuni carb 1/26/2019 5:23 AM

What is the best Mikuni carb to run in a 1981 250cc Maico 36mm or 38 mm ?

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Reply to What happened to Namur? 1/17/2019 11:13 AM

Yes seem to remember reading that the guy that did most of the organizing was about 81 year old and was unable to carry on any longer and that nobody was willing to take on the massive task that took to run it

Reply to Full Tilt TM Racing Two Stroke Build(s) Update: Graphics 1/15/2019 11:53 AM

On the subject of TM they will not be doing the GPs in 2019 The rumour is they have bought another factory unit and they need the money to get it kitted out with the hope of doubling production in the future If true hope it works for them Always had ... more »

Reply to 1981 KTM 495 1/12/2019 5:49 AM

Thanks for putting it up willsave me turning my dads house upside down trying to find that Dirt Bike mag

Reply to My picks for the best looking Honda Motocross bikes of all time 1/10/2019 1:36 PM

If I was buying a Honda on looks it would have to be a 78 -79 model Quite like the 1991 model

Reply to 1981 KTM 495 1/7/2019 11:51 AM

It sure is They got over 123 mph out of it

Reply to Bultaco and Maico Irony. i.e. World Championships 1/4/2019 8:28 AM

It was said they were always skint. Brad Lackey said he would have won the world title sooner if he was on a Maico He was over in Scotland last summer as somehow a club managed to persuade Scotlands largest land owner to let them run a meeting on his ... more »