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Reply to 1989 Yamaha YZ125 info..... 4/12/2018 4:02 AM

nice detective work there Chuck. i think that caliper mount might fit the 250 as well.

Reply to 1989 Yamaha YZ125 info..... 4/12/2018 4:00 AM

Found these on ebay, might help someone.

Reply to 90 YZ-250 Pegs - Whats the "Wide Peg" replacement? 4/12/2018 3:46 AM

I think these were 2012 yz450f my 89 yz250 with a little mod, i think i had to squash the spring coils a bit.

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Reply to 1993 RM125 9/30/2016 8:39 PM

great find, looks bloody clean.

Reply to 94 KX 125 9/30/2016 8:24 PM

Thats an awesome find mate.......well done on getting it back to its former glory. Great low hour example. I found a pretty good one too, not as good as that but not too bad at all.

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Reply to 97 Emig inspired KX 250 6/9/2016 3:07 AM

Peatz12 you should give your pipe a little bit more shine and then blue the welds with a blow torch. ....will finish the pipe nicely. Heres my yz was covered in surface rust but came up great.

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Reply to 1996 KAWASAKI KX125 find/build 6/8/2016 6:10 AM

Great bikes fellas....I think the stock 96 look is pretty good as it is. Personally i like the older splitfire looks like the 94 kit. The purple screams 90's. Ive got a 94 kx125 but I'll be doing a 95 kit for the ease and cheaper expense of the parts.

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Reply to 89 YZ250 Restoration from down under! 5/30/2016 2:53 AM

Steph500 the forks are original 89' just using the 91 guards as i couldn't stand getting them damaged. ....the purists won't like it but its hard to find a pair of good forks these days.

Reply to 97 Emig inspired KX 250 5/27/2016 4:54 AM

Looking great mate.....they're an awesome bike. Tip: I advanced my timing and it really woke it up. Its snappy from top to bottom.

Reply to 92 CR250 - Close to a lost cause 10/23/2015 2:13 AM

Haha, yeah everybody says that!

The forks are actually at a flush height with the stock clamps, but this old school Answer clamp is higher for some strange reason. I dont think the cr's needed to turn any sharper! Got it working really well ... more »
Reply to 92 CR250 - Close to a lost cause 10/22/2015 1:54 AM

Heres the Evo-Mx kit. Looks bloody fantastic and has held up great after a year of racing. This photo is when it was new though.

Reply to Not another CR! 5/17/2015 8:56 PM

need to powdercoat that clutch cover! sorry about the double up pics.

Reply to Not another CR! 5/17/2015 8:54 PM

Haha....thanks for the compliment. I too have a half finished kitchen because of this bike! But i have a great wife, so im very lucky. Here's a few more pics for ya.......

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Reply to Not another CR! 5/17/2015 5:26 AM

Hey Schwanz22, Hows your 93 going? That sticker kit and seat cover is from, a top quality product. Thats the HRC graphics from back in 93/94, just clean and simple. Racing it for the first time this weekend, cant wait!

Reply to Not another CR! 5/12/2015 5:36 AM

Haha. .....well im not sponsored by HRC and I don't smoke either. ......guess the whole things a

Reply to Not another CR! 5/11/2015 6:59 PM

Details. ...... Had to build it from a few bikes as its hard to find a good unmolested cr these days. I found a 93 import, a 92 model and a 94 chassis. I decided to go with the 94 chassis as i want to minimize the dreaded cr headshake. And i had the ... more »

Reply to 1997 KX250 Restoration - UPDATED 5/11/2015 3:39 PM

Yeah i agree. .silver rims would look better but there's no money for another set unfortunately. Got a basketcase 89 yz250 to do next. I thought about de-plating the pipe but haven't tried it yet. Yes Frank at Evo-Mx is making this graphics and seat ... more »

Reply to 1997 KX250 Restoration - UPDATED 5/10/2015 8:30 PM

Thanks guys, im pretty happy with it to say the least. Yes Peatz12, send Frank a pic of my bike to let him know which kit you want as its not advertised on their website yet.

Reply to 1997 KX250 Restoration - UPDATED 5/9/2015 6:49 PM

Ok, finally got the 97 Factory look sorted. Im pumped about it, always loved the purple craze of the mid 90's. As always, Frank from Evo-Mx does an awesome job on his graphics and seat kits, top quality stuff.

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Reply to 97 kx250 pipe suggestion 3/15/2015 4:29 AM

I ran the PC pipe last year, never ran the stock pipe so I cant compare it to that. It seemed to have enough top end though, but the 97 KX's were always low - mid engines. A lot of people say that the PC pipes just move the power up in the rev range. ... more »