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i know prado beats lawrence buuut, he will get the heavy developed GEICO bike here, will that play in his favor?

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So, will A-mart race for JGR or not? I mean, too much talk about the bike but reed did well on the big yellow turd, i dont think that it´s too much of a difference with the 250f chassis/handling wise. but on the ktm Amart didnt looked comfortable, swapping ... more »

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i never heard of Falk, and was wondering who was the new tld ktm rider. To be honest i really liked his riding style and wish him a great future, hope he can accomplish great things, keep it going!

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Semenuk´s part wasnt a heli shoot, it was a truck with a crane on it, of course, stabilized, way better than a heli shoot. Still i like Haaker and Foster parts, they are awesome! And Hillsack cinematography.

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i really like Haaker´s one shot one line, but foster was just outstanding, i mean, he goes huge between woods! both are awesome but my vote goes to foster.

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Those guys are fast, like top 20 at least fast, so i dont see any problems with it, it will be awesome to see them out there, provided: a- travis knees hold on for more that 15 minutes. b- jimmy doesnt do a boner air to faceplant. overall, it will be ... more »

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Barcia deserves the ride, he´s really riding well, cooper meanwhile.... i dont know, i just hate webb, he wines about everything and does stupid shit, and his attitude is like he is superior, like a mx god hahaha, just seeing him on tv tho, hope he does ... more »

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Bike was too lit

Added reply in a thread Cr22 honda 8/9/2018 8:44 AM

to be honest, motoconcepts would be an "old man team" wich would rock, the amount of exposure would be huge and i think that if chad is healty and fit he can top 5.

Started new thread Anyone going to Aus-x open? 7/31/2018 9:00 PM

Hi guys, my name is Mauricio and i´m from chile, i´ve wanted to see a supercross race all my life and i might be able this year at Australia, i´m so excited! Still need to get my visa approved, waiting for that, should be 15 more days and then i gotta

... more »

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Do you guys think that cole can win a title? I like him, and he´s a terrific rider but he either is anderson´s bitch or he crashes in the lead, im tired of seeing that, last season i was really rooting for him but always had a issue. So here i am, to ... more »

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed in for 2019... BUT 7/15/2018 9:35 AM

let´s not forget that chad reed rode the 2018 championship in a self funded team and injured please, also, he was untrained and fat, almost charmichael level hahaha Seriosly, a preppared and Fit reed, with the deepness of the field right now could easily ... more »

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Josh grant did great for a second rider in pro circuit kawi, with cole seely´s injury and end of contract i´d seriosly consider having Chad Reed as a second rider at Honda HRC. Team Honda R/R (Roczen/Reed), he looks fit and i´m quite sure he can still ... more »

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it does have the same geometry, weight, power curve, hp, the same 4 maps and of course one gear and go! the game has an amazing community and it has what is called "OEM" bikes, wich are up to factory specs (Weight, geometry, design, engine, gear ratio, ... more »

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well, he said that they used a too soft shock setting and he crashed a lot, for soutwick they stiffed it up and he didnt crash...... at least alone hahaha i dont know, i like how he rides, he looks like he wants it so bad, i mean, his ride at southwick ... more »

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To be honest, i really liked Alex martin´s 2017 outdoor season, he was fast but faded a lot later in the motos. This year he has the speed and is not fading, i mean, he´s racing as well as JMart and he does have the speed, could this be the year for ... more »

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Cr22 and Pastrana

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Not a fan of him, but man, the interview just made me a fan, dude loves to race, have bonfires and drink beer, i want an autograph hahahaha. Hopefully he gets tv coverage and some sponsors, get this man a Beer.. Ride, i ment a ride... Perhaps both? hehehe ... more »

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i think they will "shift" their gear sponsor hehehehe

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I like Cole seely, i really do but he has had chance after chance to prove himself and it´s just missing the drive to be a sx champion, as smooth and fast as he is i hated seeing how Anderson just passed him every time, i´m not sure if he will come back ... more »