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Okay guys.. I'm going to the dealer asap and will try em with my helmet. Thank you.

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Ride. The best thing you can do is put on the bike tons of hours. You ride smoother, your resistance improves and you have fun! If you can..

New thread Which googles? 1/8/2019 8:17 AM

So.. i have a pair of Fox Air Defence, i bought them for 60€, lasted me 1 year and some months. I liked them but now they are having a bad time.. I'm looking for the best (or close to the best) googles, want them last at least 1 year and low price for ... more »

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Maaan i'm a 17 student.. I haven't got many money to spend, i decided that if i get more than 80€ i'll sell them, if not i'm going to keep them. Also i need to buy a new pair of 100%/Fox googles and 100 strap lens. It at least other 150€..

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I like them cause of that reason. Alpinestars Tech7/10 are too "soft", same for Fox Instinct. I just bought the new pair, if you are interested for my old ones hit me up!

New thread Should I? 1/4/2019 3:37 AM

Local shop is selling SG11 for 170€ instead of 330€. One year and seven months ago i bought a couple of SG11 for 330€ at the same shop. They're still in a good shape, but for 170€ i'd get a new pair, would ya? Also i would sell my used SG11, hoping to ... more »

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Mmh, Eli and Savatgy are gonna kill it!

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From the motocross side - Yamaha is doing an awesome job. Even if i don't feel confortable with their bikes (250f and 450f) i really like their political choiches. Here in italy Yamaha organise 4-5 events on the most important tracks of the country and ... more »

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If i crash hard i change it. Mainly i don't change it because of money, i'm a 17 student.. If i had more money for sure i would. Always from the money side, 50% of the times that i crash i bend my handlebar, (twinwall 999, 150€), so if i had to spend ... more »

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I've got a pair of SG11 and i'm fine with the braces. Had the opportunity to test SG12 in a test day at my local track.. asap gonna get them. Best boots i've ever used. Gaerne produces awesome boots, and they are super resistant. I have done more than ... more »

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Tomac posted a IG story $T@LK€R

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What's the difference between SX and SXS?

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Why should you upgrade from 16 to 18? If you're 16 is okay why even change it? Anyway i don't know, last yami i've owned was a 2012 YZ 125.

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Since i actually do races i'd go with KXF 250 2018

If i wouldnt do races i'd go with a SX 250 2019. Had so much fun when i tryed it.. ... more »
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Did you like your 2013 style? If yes, replace it with 2013-2015 stuff. If you really want to make it look lile a 2016, you'll need some extra work and a little extra money than replacing 2013 plastics and stuff. The bike isn't going to have a higher ... more »

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Bet that if you stop using your kneepads you gain at least 3 secs. And if you stop riding with your helmet you may gain couple of secs. GG DUDE

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Breath, most of us when riding aren't breathing correctly. Avoid arm pump and mental fatigue. You'll feel better, you'll see cleaner and will do longer manches. Trust me, it changed from night to day my motocross experience.

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gt80rider mattyhamz2 exclueded, thank you guys for the tips! Hope to receive more help from my local shop.. He always made me little discounts, hoping for bigger ones or for free stuff.

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Only 900$? In Italy and for 97-02 models they're asking 1200-1800€. Doubled.