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Some hour meters have different PPR settings, .5, 1, 2. Need to make sure you are at PPR 1 or it will give you a inaccurate reading.

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You need to set the idle to the recommended setting. When you change the idle, it changes the TPS setting and that's where the problems with flame outs start. I still get an occasional stall but the mapping on the 2021+ bikes isn't bad. My 2019 was bad ... more »

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I was standing in that turn and saw it happen. There was definitely some contact but it wasn't a center punch. Hunter ran him in tight at the beginning of the turn and made contact and it sent Justin over the berm and Hunter down on the ground. Aggressive ... more »

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Maybe I missed this but can they scan the tickets off of your phone?

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I heard Honda let Kenny go because he was the one who was really behind Deegan's bike claim

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I guess they don't call you Sandy for nothing...

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I've been looking at this thread for 2 days waiting for you to show up... Thanks for not letting me down

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I rode a friends 2023 today and I have ridden lots of laps on another friends 2022. The ‘23 definitely feels like it has more bottom end and mid range. It still has the same high revving characteristic. I can’t really comment on suspension because the ... more »

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I have the same bike as you and I'm 6'1. I literally have the same marks on my plastic too and run the same exact seat cover. I have the Acerbis frame guards and they seem to help. Being taller does make it a little more difficult to grip the bike with ... more »

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Mike is an awesome dude and I think it’s great that he is still enjoying racing. I used to think he was a jerk when he was racing, and sometimes he was, BUT he has never been anything but super nice to me. Yea, there’s some debate about dudes like him ... more »

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Hey guys. I'm looking for a set of factory YZ wheels with blue rims that will fit a 2014 YZ 250.They don't have to be new or perfect, just in good condition. Thanks

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Kids go on YouTube and watch Gypsy Tales... Old guys go on Vital and bitch about it... I guess you know which one I am...

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I’ve had probably close to a 100 vans over the years at my company. Right now we have around mostly Transits and a few E-150/250s and Expresses. If you are towing anything over 3000lbs, count the Transits out. Honestly, they are all about the same durability ... more »

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buy a 350 dude. I'm a yellow diehard too but you won't regret it.

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Grab a torque wrench and the manual and loosen up and re-torque the main chassis bolts (swingarm, linkage, engine mounts, etc.) You can back off the torque on the engine mounts a little bit. That will give you a little more "flex." You can also look ... more »

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They don't handle better than the Austrian bikes. They probably would if they spent some R&D on figuring out the BFRC shock and balancing the chassis on the 450 and spec'ing the right spring rates on the 250 (Yes I've ridden both of them plenty of ... more »

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There's gonna be a few. Be prepared for mud. It rains every single race there. On another note related to this thread, If you run into Jeff Cernic, I bet he may have some info on '23 Suzuki's.

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I'll be there

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Remove air filter and put cover on. Plug exhaust. Power wash (with lowest pressure nozzle) the heavy, caked on stuff. Spray entire bike down with Shout (Scrubbing bubbles works too), Get beer and take a few swigs (most important step) Rinse bike off ... more »

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I've had a couple 350s and I'm running 14/51. I have tried 14/52 also and it works well for tighter tracks and woods riding. The shock will work better if you stay with a 14 tooth countershaft sprocket, but you can try 13/49 or 13/50 if you want it even ... more »