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I meant to post this a while back and totally forgot. We are doing some 2 Stroke races this year in Ohio on, trying to get everyone to show up. Tracks are on board, seems good so far. First race was in April at famed Ohio International Raceway ... more »

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Jemco pipe is on order! Thanks for the help!

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You can view the restore gallery here: I've talked to you through email before, probably sent you a pic and yes it was sitting on a white bucket for a bit. I have OEM Suzuki foam spacers under ... more »

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How about these Retro Rocket pipes from Vintage Iron?

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If you feel like doing a full restore I have a local (Ohio) powdercoater that matches the Honda perfectly. Here's my '84 CR I'm restoring. I think it's $125 to bead blast and powder the frame (+shipping for you).

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Thanks for the input guys. I'll check into the carb and petcock stuff, sounds interesting. The bike has a complete brand new OEM stator, I went through that last year when restoring it! I checked out that pic of the pipe on your site, does look interesting!

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yeah I have a stock one. Actually that pic is '81-'82 pipes, '83 is different!

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Any options for an exhaust pipe besides DG?

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Work on the bike is slowing down because I've been out riding a lot. Frame is freshly powdercoated though!

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I always find it funny the effort someone will go through to rig something, rather than just go spend $1.50 on the correct part from a dealer.

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One other thing -- I think the ATAC connecter rod is broken. Is it supposed to go across the bottom of the cylinder than then screw in? Looks like there is a tab there that is broken off. What's the chances of finding that piece to replace? (EDIT) Nevermind, ... more »

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Thanks for the tip on the exhaust bridge. I ran it only enough to know that it runs. Bike is nearly to the frame. Anyone know what modern (wide) footpegs will fit on it? Both pegs are bent up so I figure I might as well get wider ones when replacing. ... more »

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Not out of the "water" yet, haha! I need to replace the mechanical water pump seal so hopefully I don't crack it or anything getting that out! Thanks for the tip on the front plate, I almost threw it away.

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Seems ok. The area where the impeller is has some pitting but I think it is functional. The bike was running when I got it and not spilling coolant into the oil. I think my buddy Darin talked to you about the '83 CR his friend has with that problem.

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I picked up a 1984 CR250 from the original owner recently. Located a couple miles from me. Figuring on restoring it, anything special that would be cool? I'm not really a Honda guy so I never paid much attention to them. I have a powdercoater advertising

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Real nice job! Looks awesome, I think you made a great choice to paint the motor black instead of having a mis-matched grey. That bike was my first ever brand new bike. It was not really all that fast. Linear powerband, nothing special. You should probably ... more »